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Sunday, September 15, 2013


I took about 800 photos Saturday at the Rod Run and this event has become hands down the best. Its gets bigger and bigger, I see different cars each time I am there and truly lived up to the Car Hunter title as my camera almost grabbed everything I spotted while walking from about 8am to 9pm. I am pretty impressed by the crowd because it is truly a family event, 2-20 kids are attending with the parents and grandparents. I just have not seen this much at other car events. The attractions and restaurants lining "Parkway" may be the factor that kicks it into this mode? I am going to eventually go off of my monthly schedule and post themes from the Rod Run on the Flickr page, if you have trouble getting to flickr just email me from this blog. Just putting up a few photos since I am a day behind. Check the blog directly also as it may double up the updates.
I will try to group the photos in theme sets, rat rods, street rods, truck, etc... I finally figured out why they call them the great Smokey Mountains, the exhaust from this event seems to settle in the air for the whole weekend and I believe hangs around until the next event!! its funny I never saw any birds except 2 small flocks of duck fleeing at top speed,LOL! I am forming the Patina Patrol because there were way too many "fake" patina attempts, way too many bare metal or slightly rusted bare metal in high gloss clear coat, AT LEAST USE A STAIN FINISH!! I think I am going to print up violations and stick them on the vehicles I see at these events, also subsection for doing a half way paint and them buffing or wet sanding some it off- STOP IT - PATINA AND FADED PAINT SHOULD NOT BE FAKED!! Next rant= BARN FINDS and just because you found a car in a barn that may not be a good thing! If you found a horse that was in a barn for 30 years that would not be good, right? There were 3-4 barn finds and they were just junk so don't get too excited about a car that was sitting in a leaky barn on a dirt floor- yuk!!

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