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Monday, October 30, 2017


 The wild weekend coverage from labor day continues

So does you like some thunder?

They call em Lead Sleds and they did not attend Lead East this day!

Look Basil, twins!
A survivor 71 Super Bee
Old School

Look up FUBAR I will wait!

Typical Chevelle 
Did not expect a 6 cylinder did you?

55 Dodge wagon with a 270 HEMI

Very thinly applied rattle can silver paint job

Is this what they call a TOY TRAIN?

Maybe it's too low if you have to extend body parts for the tires?

I bet it pulls wheelies just by scientific calculations
A mid-engine Buick V8 VW- enough said!

I want this one!

A Hovercraft!


Caddy hearse

Oh no they killed Kenny!

Nope just a Charger with Daytona Wing and fender scoops- his garage is too short for the nose cone, really!

What's with the wings?

PACKARD hearse 

What is it?
A Rockne named for the famous Football coach built by Studebaker


This has become so common people think they came with extended cabs!

This actually an old custom brought back to life
Le Parisianne 

Well it is actually a clone- the original still is around and had at least 1 update before being cast aside


More toy trains?

Yes jet engine powered

The other guy told me he would have the only Dodge Wagon- hey!

 I had no idea when I first saw this rig
Holy update Batman

Yes they restore GTO's

The guy was holding up a paddle with the name of what it was, I was scared to talk to him so I ran away! 
Nice survivor Satellite

You don't often see stock Packard's at hot rod shows  

I want this Caddy!

 OH COME ON! You know what a little tike is?
Watch the little ad and see how long these have been around!
 How long did you think it would take someone to modify one?

This one happy little tike in his little tike!

A big tike!
This crazy dude built a real one!
No no this is a smart tike!
Movie TV time 

And he even has the clip on tie- say it, cute!


This was on eBay and is a wannabee Packard KINDA! 

 Much effort went into this one and I really like the actual Packard Hubcap on each wheel, look close!

Bob Hirohata with the most famous custom car
This Mercury set the wheels in motion
Sam Barris actually was more linked to the car than George
 This 1951 Mercury has survived and been restored as it was first customized, this car served as many inspirations for many other builds to this day!
The car recently was displayed on the US Capitol mall of Washington DC and is on the National historic registry!

 1955 Lincoln Futura as it was first was presented

Most know, but have you figured it out yet?

As last seen on a movie back lot in it's red repaint from a starring roll where Debbie Reynolds and Glenn Ford used it the year was 1965 when it was "reassigned"
Movie was 1959

Follow the flow chart folks!
George Barris paid a fee $1 to transfer its ownership
The only concept car that made into something lese famous!
recently the one and only 1st Batmobile built from the Furtura sold for $4.65 million