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Sunday, March 30, 2014


 Not that I want to encourage this kind of behavior,but it's funny!
 Damn, my box cutter is IN the car!
 This yella Ferrari belongs to a GM designer so the guys planned this out to roll the car into the studio and redesign it for him!
When they opened the new subway "metro" in Copenhagen on April 1st they put this cut up old subway car outside city hall as if it had an accident and came to the surface!
Now you know where the postits from your desk went!
The boss over at google got his Tesler vinyl wrapped in pink and some batwings for that special day!
Even in 1926
1983 April fools BMW ad


Thursday, March 27, 2014


You get to place in life where you make decisions and my friend and fellow CARHUNTER Cliff decides he wants a 68-69 maybe 70 "B" body as we mopar dudes call em. That would include Roadrunners, Super Bees, R/T Coronets etc... knowing that the Hemi, six-pack and 440 cars were steep $$ he settled into a 383 4 speed as his choice. 

I have broken Cliff's you know whats' because he was being very picky and I personally looked at 3 or 4 cars for him and he discounted them because of small details that did not meet his criteria. He had the money to spend and yes he was entitled to 
Even though he was told
While my head was spinning from about 500 to 200,000 cars sent me to look over on line I started to get the pattern of what he wanted 
The 69 you are looking at was discounted by Cliff because the seller would not reply to questions on ebay and under title it said rebuilt so we assumed a salvage car?
 It was also in Winnipeg  Manitoba in the winter, might as well have been in the North pole! 
 The more I studied the photos the more it was clear this car fit almost all of Cliff's check points.
 I made an attempt to contact the seller because the car kept being re-listed, he answered me and we went directly to direct email and I learned the guy was a new ebayer and kept answering the emails not hitting respond, salvage title?, cars have no titles in Canada so the question threw  him off, it is a numbers matching clear paperwork car!! 
 The two points above and the fact that the car was in frigid Canada must have kept any serious buyers away! 
Meanwhile the auction ends and I connect Cliff to the owner and step back after getting them together.
 After clearing up all the facts it turns out the guy is totally legit, a CEO of a large company and offers Cliff plane tickets and hotel stay on him to come and look at the car. Can you beat that one? 
 He bought the ground off resto to drive, but realized the car is not an everyday driver especially with long country roads and severe winters so he orders a new toy and needs to sell the car before March. 
 The car was restored by a well known Canadian restorer and has about 2000 miles since completion so it needs a little TLC again, not much.
 Only about 90% of what Cliff was looking for and under no pressure he passes on the car.
 Cliff knew he was attending the big auction in Kissimmee Florida (3000 cars) he figured why jump the gun and keep looking for now. 
 Not one of the "B" bodies measured up and less when the outrageous prices were seen and throughout the weekend I could tell Cliff was once again thinking about the Roadrunner up in the frozen tundra!
 If not mistaken I think Cliff actually exchanged email with the owner in Canada while still in Florida at the auction for him to consider a deal they could both be happy with. 
 They found what I believe was the right number that worked fine for both! 
 Cliff now had to get the car across the border and not an easy task!
Maybe 1/10th of the paper work
 The car was originally in the USA which Cliff obtained proof of so export fees bypassed.
After much searching found a competent shipper who was just about ready to make a run, but customs paperwork needed to be cleared asap, I think Cliff made 100 phone calls to get that done and the car is resting in Cliffs garage as I write this!
 If you recall the forecast in early January  for Winnipeg was -40 or lower 
Lucky for Cliff it warmed up and stopped snowing that week!
Off to Canada he goes!

The return flight did get delayed a little 
This was a very fast shot as Cliff noted it was about as long that could be tolerated without a hood!
Straight car 
Great color combo

 Say goodbye to Canada! 
Say hello to the USA as it arrives safe in the middle of the night!

And spring finally arrives!
Although we DODGED (pun intended) a snow forecast the day before it was cold today!
First time I saw the car 
Cliff and the old owner became friends and a mutual trust was formed immediately
The car was in the shipper's trailer even before the check was cashed!  

I think the 2 cars look good together?
I wish Cliff best of luck and hopefully hit a couple cruise nights and shows this season!