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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The beauty of car show coverage is it really can not be dated and in fact having photos from an older show is still as good as vintage wine!
 So this is a car show? Nope 2011 I am on my way to my first Saturday afternoon at the Pigeon Forge Rod run or so I thought? Back then very little organized website existed and I thought it was a weekend event. Freestyling on the road!
 I stumble into this antiques farm and street rodder from Buffalo NY who told me after relocating how sorry he was because he hated it down here. I guess he missed the 400 feet of snow each winter back home? Remember form your own opinions in life!

Cool horses
OK don't shoot I'll STOP!

Anyone call for a cab?

That's Buffalo Bob right there!

Off to my first Pigeon Forge rod run on Saturday in the afternoon, oops!!
New and green to the run I booked a hotel just into the next town of Sevierville, which was cheap, too cheap. It was too far away and I had to drive back into the run and pay for parking in a Church so at least the money was well spent!
Dynamite Dune Buggy's
Raging Rat Rods
Perfect Pick Ups

Super Street Rods
Wonderful Wagons

All original huh!

SC/Rambler Tony!

Always oddly some theme each show, there were many Mustang II Cobras 

It is a golf cart
Not a real Motion Vega although nice

And it fits in the tool shed
What the heck, just don't get it angry!
Bring cash, everything seems to be for sale or trade!
Aftermarket California Stepside bed and V8 conversion
Yeah it's a 1957 Chevy Lumina

These were built for railroad crews, it is 2 front doors on each side including lock cylinders

You just don't see Chevy Monzas much and stock with factory mags!

That is one tiny Horsey!
Pro taxi? Follow that car!
A mint stock all original Pinto!
Yes LS1 Chevy V8
No it is not a HEMI, it is just strange!

76  Dodge Charger Sport one year only, they sold a Charger SE same year which was Cordoba based 

Even though I showed up late still had a great time and put the 2 Rod Runs on the permanent Schedule and fell in love with the area!