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Sunday, January 28, 2018

PUMPKIN RUN PART ONE NJ, 1960 Di Dia and L-Universelle

I was at another show and talking to someone and he asked "you going to the pumpkin run next week?" Pumpkin who? I did my research and headed over early which was a good idea!
We start with a swap meet.

I notice some old trucks scattered back yonder

Hey this place used to be a junkyard and the junk is still here and off the CARHUNTER goes into unknown territory  

Keep looking and keep finding?


The early morning mist and low sun glare it is almost a dream! 

Said it before and I say it again

CARHUNTER is deep in them there woods now and still going, maybe where no man has ventured in years! 

I started to get nervous because it appeared their might have been squatters back here at one time!

Now I stopped short for a minute, but kept going anyway!

An Avenger Kit Car?

Hello anyone home?

Oh crap, someone is home!

Ok now I am scared!

I bet you thought I got lost right?
Nope I made it out!

All hail the Gods of the Hubcap, we are not worthy!
Crosley parking too! (Read the truck)
Someone I know was going to this show for years and said " it is not really a car show" HUH ??????? this is only part one! This HAD been happening for many years in Little Egg Harbor NJ, but the township finally fielded complaints of too much traffic and the show moved for 2017 so I am glad I made it the original location in 2016! 

I am still shocked that someone I knew was going here and never mentioned the crazy car show, just it was a farm equipment or engine show that they have within! You will see that is part 2. 


Tell Dennis Gage from My Classic Car it was not a car show, it was so big he was running around like a one armed paper hanger and I never had a chance to say hello!! 



Ooh Ooh I am a big fan of your movies, can I get an aquagraph?  


Coolest desk ever!!!

City of Winnipeg railroad track inspection car 
1946 Packard 

 Mid-mounted Pontiac V8 and front wheel drive!



You can hate this one or just love it for it's uniqueness
CARHUNTER presents the 1960 Di Dia 150!!
I keep hearing the Jetson's theme song for some reason?
Can you guess what it is based on?
Wrong the chassis and body were all hand made from 1953 drawings and took almost 7 years from an idea to a finished car!
Production parts from Chrysler, Ford and GM are used throughout!

The car made it's debut at a car show run by George Barris and may be the only car he never claimed he built!!

The designer himself Andrew DiDia getting a ride! 
The car has been as the Bobby Darin as he loved it so much he bought it!
It became known as the Bobby Darin Dream car! 
Mr. Darin donated it to the Missouri Transportation museum where it sits in all it's glory and the CARHUNTER say it back in 2012!  
A friend suggested a craigslist quote of the month and yes it is real!
"For the scammers, shysters, neerdowellers, villains, evil satanic folks: Please no trades ( except cash) I do not want or need any help selling this, you know who you are. If you call, I will take you on a long and painful ride. I will waste your time, jerk your chain, make you jump through lots of hoops. Same goes for scammers but they will eventually meet law enforcement , don't bother texting, calling , emailing. No, I will not email you back ( or I might just to f with you!)"

Copied and pasted word for word, LOL!