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Sunday, December 30, 2018


I wish all a special 2019 and the chance to leave any and all bad things behind you leading to an amazing year!!
Still revisiting past visits;
 2015 and you are walking around SoHo* and walk into a bunch of race cars?
*Neighborhood South of Houston street, there is a NoHo! Is there a WoHo or  EaHo?  No that would be Tribeca and Greenwich Village!  

So typical with constant construction and constant traffic!

Why all the race cars, have you noticed the same cars in the roadway now moving as I take the photos? welcome to NYC!

Dirty water dogs anyone?


Ah ha this why they are here!

Spotted on Google maps when checking directions I find this interesting antique spot. 
Vic's in Edinburgh Indiana

Check out the Chevy Pick up grille!

The hopefully Forgotten Plymouth Duster
Hard to get bloody taxi around here?
Nice Studebaker, really an M29 Weasel built by Studebaker

It's a Max III!
It's Poco!
ESSO the friendly oil drop!

Old Civil Defense truck

Renault Gordini

Rolling through South Dakota

Courtesy Car for the hotel?


It's that family from Limestone Tennessee!
Wrong Granny was from Tennessee and she is Jed Clampet's mother in law.
In what seems to be pattern in TV we are given hints of where the family is from!
Many thought Texas because of striking oil "Texas Tea" - NOPE!
References were made to Eureka Springs and other areas in the Ozarks which include Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Southern Missouri.
Most references are to real towns on the Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas border!
Jethro told everyone he went to Oxford, well Oxford Arkansas and graduated with a 6th grade education!!
Granny learned her doctoring at John Hopkins!
Well she rode a mule to Timbo Arkansas to study with John and Elviry Hopkins!!   
Did you ever think about the Beverly Hillbillies car or truck? 
 Despite all the replicas and stories I believe there was only 1 and it is what? This is the real and only car from the show and was donated by the shows producer Paul Henning who grew up nearby to the Ralph Foster Museum AKA College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout Missouri.   
Paul Henning also produced Petticoat Junction and Green Acres and it very clear Hooterville was a reference to Eldon Missouri where the Burris Hotel was in a small Railroad town. Henning's wife was the granddaughter of the hotels owners and visited them by train often. The hotel and train station in Petticoat Junction are the real clues!
Back to the car!
It is a hacked up 1921 Oldsmobile model 46 
As expected George Barris was commissioned to build a wacky modified versions 

 Here is a one that ran through one of the big auctions and I am not sure what the claim is on it?
 Of course!

 Now the bad ones!

 Remember the new movie, I did not!
 Jay tossed it in there too!
 Anyone up for a Copper and Brass Sculptor?
 Toys and models a plenty

 It had to happen right?
Another sad one as the Tupelo Auto Museum is closing and auctioning off the collection!
This article is from Hemmings explaining it all.
I want to thank Rusty as he suggested I divert to Tupelo on my way to Memphis and glad I did since I got to see the collection!
Rusty's is worth the trip as well if you find yourself in western Tennessee 

 Meet the 1954 Dodge Granada HEMI Concept car

Ionia was very proud of this "plastic" body car with a new fiber based material= fiberglass! 
I will get to this guy one day - yes it is Joe Bortz (I hate him, but not really) who wound up with the car later selling to a Bill Mitchell who recently passed away. 
It survived, it is restored and it is very cool!

A face only a mother could love!


Go for it, looks like a much newer car, but it is not?
 Have you guessed yet?
 Here are some more
 Wait is this a Chevrolet, you tell me?
 Look carefully I may have given it away

 Oh no a blatant hint!
 Cousin of  Mercury?

 Russian GAZ M20 Pobeda, that's what they are!!
 1946 right after the war although only 23 cars were hand assembled that 1st year and by 1948 it was in full high tech (for the Soviet Union) production until 1955! 
 CARHUNTER thinks about how they might have customized older cars in different countries and especially ones where you think that freedom is not possible!
 It's a cross between a 50's Chrysler product and those late 40's to early 50's lead sled candidates!
 I could not resist adding this video from Whitey Morgan dedicated to the Auto Workers of Americas!

Again I need to remind all I just post them as I saw them go down!
I hope he is not lactose intolerant having to empty all those milk jugs!
"The bad:This car lost its backseat (see pics) as it was apparently used to haul an illegal drink of some sort years ago ,a few rust thru spots on the body...nothing terrible but its is there. Needs a decent exhaust system. Paint is thin black primer with the original robin egg blue/surface rust showing thru in some areas. The car runs fine,but it is big and probably not the fastest thing you've ever driven..but hey, its a 3 spd slant 6"

The prohibition ended in 1933 and this being a 50's car is funny although many a dry county still exists today, but you would drive around with 3 dozen jugs of "clear" visible in the back windows? LOL!