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Monday, September 30, 2019


This month just going to post photos from the Shades of Past Hot Rod Roundup 2019 Pigeon Forge Tennessee.
It has been a crazy car show month and I am just going to run coverage of this show for Octobers CARHUNTER!
Enjoy a pictorial!
This is the 37th edition of this true Hot Rod show

Is that an extra cab Studebaker? 

You could smell the leather from 10 feet back!

Ole Henry J never saw this coming

1949 Lincoln sitting on newer Lincoln chassis

Getting flashbacks from a car I had with door panels like this!

Unique fender-less look, what do you think?

We all built this model kit and there it is in 1:1 scale

The rattiest of rat rods

This is very unique mix of a stock Model A with enough upgrades to put it in a class by itself

A Lincoln Zephyr replacing it's V10 flathead with a Viper V10

Would you say this Morris Minor was cute?

Unexpected drivetrain upgrade for this Pontiac

This truck needed an exterminator, can you see why?

Another custom Lincoln Zephyr!

Different approach on a Chevy II

A much different approach on this one

Most people walked by, but this Packard pickup was handcrafted, done so well you did not notice

Yes it started as a 4 door sedan

Never met a Packard I did not like

I told this guy I thought a Bentley street rod was very unique and he told he saw another one at the other end of the field

Dogs love car shows!

You need to be informed as the top 25 plus other winners get moved way in the back in one of the water pools of splash country on Friday Night

Back to the masses!

Shotgun HEMI head Ford!

Look close!

The homemade "clear" was dripping into that jug all day!

I like to call this area HEMI country

Bentley Street Rod #2

This show is one of largest and it is hard show to walk because of it's size, but worth the visit
This is a large territory to cover in the hot sun!

I will talk about this until I am blue in the face. The Shades of the Past is not the Pigeon Forge Rod Run in spite of how many flocked there that weekend thinking it was. Yes the strip is full of cars, but the Rod Run itself is the week after the Shades of the Past show! I talked some of the regulars and they told me their buddies mistakenly showed up last weekend!