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Monday, August 26, 2019


I thought this needed to be added
RIP Jessie Combs

A location often frequented by CARHUNTER at one time!
That's an old vehicle sitting by the Roebling Museum isn't it. The museum was restored as part of Superfund cleanup site having been a steel mill.
There is a car show here, but why?
I don't want to loose everyone fast so to make a long story short enough;
John Roebling builder of the Brooklyn Bridge's children continued in the wire rope/steel business after his death. the museum is located in Roebling Village (Florence Township) where the factory workers lived. Roebling's relatives purchased a small automobile company changing the name to Mercer for Mercer County NJ. Where the Trenton factory was. The car make was gone by 1925. An attempt to revise the car produced 3 cars in 1931.

  I was very impressed by the display of Mercer's in attendance!

 Almost untouched survivors!

 The cars at the show were well above the norm!

 1957 AC Ace

 1958 Velorex Oscar built in Czechoslovakia

 A Zimmer, one of the Neoclassic nightmares!

 A Detroit Electric 1923, yeah electric cars are new, NOT!
 Hot Rods
Rat Rods
 muscle cars


 A lil' bit of everything like this VW

 1935 LaSalle

 1938 Chopped roof Desoto

 I  saw this guy in Syracuse too and that is 270 miles away, he does drive it!
Remember customized vans?

 A 1908 Staver
 These were built from 1907-1914 in Chicago
 Sometimes referred to as Staver- Chicago's
 This is a mother in law seat, I don't think I need to explain?

 1913 Stevens Duryea
Some believe the Duryea from Pennsylvania is the 1st mass produced motor vehicle in the USA, but this is a little after that when the Duryea Brothers parted ways and one wound up in business up in Massachusetts with Mr. Stevens

 I dare you to find a larger gathering of Mercer's
 Who knew the Brooklyn Bridge was connected to car!
Even a few emergency vehicles showed up

 This Mack Bulldog is ready to fight a fire!!

Hey this is an automotive blog!!!

I recently was thinking back into the file cabinet of my head and remembered my obsession with 4WD trucks. I subscribed to every 4wd and truck magazine which I had kept filed in order. I recently moved and could not give them away! I was also a parts manager at a Jeep/4WD dealer so I lived 4by's!  
It sparked a memory of the absolute king and creator of The Monster Truck, Bob Chandler
I believe Bob was into construction and the work truck slowly turned into the most famous truck in the world undisputed!  
 Could anyone including Bob ever have foreseen what was in the future for the Bigfoot franchise as he built his Midwest Four Wheel Drive Center

The truck evolved and in the most sincere form of flattery created a long line of Monster Trucks 

Bob was named Bigfoot because he had a such a heavy foot on the gas pedal and a legend was born! 
A fleet of Bigfeet was born including a world record for the 10 foot tall tire version!  
My my how the monster truck technology has evolved into computer designed performers that thrill audiences everywhere! 
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Bigfoot! 

Even a little Bigfoot, Miss Bigfoot on a mid-size Ranger chassis!

Even this evolved and produced a role model for little girls, not only little boys!! 
Bigfoot Shuttle!
There is no end to the innovations coming out of that shop out in the Midwest!  

This month CARHUNTER brings you a concept car that will not resurface one day because it was shelved!

 The 1955 Ford La Tosca in all it's gory!

 I know some of you are noticing something by now, CB radio antenna in 1955?

 Yes it is a 3/8 scale remote control car! 
 Seen here with the lesser known Ford Mexico Concept
 Ponder this cape crusader; if the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car had been 3/8 scale there may never have a been a Barris created 1966 Batmobile!
 When I said it was shelved it may have been on a high shelve crate in the back of a Ford warehouse and I bet it is!!!
Enjoy this funny little video and look for a lady walking her dog!
Read more if you like;

Gary CHOPIT Fioto, a Long Island native that eventually took his skills to Florida and then California passed away in 2016 leaving a legacy of legendary status!

Chopit takes a 1955 Ford and it's never seen again!
 Take a look at the 1955 Ford Beatnik Bubbletop!!
 I know you are saying the CARHUNTER is fooling around again, admit it!

 It is not a scale model and is streetable
 It is real and it is an amazing testament to one mans skill!
 Ever drive around in a giant magnifying glass, cooked like an ant!!
 Can you imagine getting passed by 3 masked men in this thing on the freeway?

Just to certify the story enjoy a video from The Klairmont Collection in Chicago, I believe it has gone to auction since?

Posted as I read em, needs body work because of corrosion and that is better than a dent? I rather fix a dent than chase rust! Moving to Europe, but he will trade? great salesman!

Studebaker Lark $2800 OBO (Trades Considered)
Selling my Studebaker Lark 1963 (1960 Model) 44K Original Miles on it, the car runs great, everything works, i drive it almost everyday to work (about 6 miles per day).
It does need a good body work due to corrosion, not crash or dents !!! It must go asap, i'm moving to Europe !
Make me an offer. Thx for looking it