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Monday, February 26, 2018


Welcome to the last Pumpkin Run from the original location from 2016
I am posting this early even for the shortest month of the year because the Detroit Autorama is this week and I will try get my groove back on picking the Ridler award winner from CARHUNTER HQ!   
 One of the most diversified assembly of vehicles I have ever seen
 When is the last time you saw a Pontiac Can Am?
 Such a crazy variety
 Now I notice the Kaiser with a MOPAR engine!
 It's the BATMOBILE???
 Can you imagine you are walking in the woods and see this?
 Now tell me this is not a car show and the Dinosaur will eat you!

Junk yard part two still with that dream like sunlight

A Divco milk tow truck

Hudson's County?

Don't look in the coffin
I warned you


A Packard in the woods

A biker club house in the woods
A train in the woods
Taxi's in the woods 

A diner in the woods
The Blues Bros in the woods
A time machine in the woods

Spooky clown in a phone booth in the woods

Now this Dodge Truck is different!

A le Car in Le Woods- thought I was done huh?

Take a moment to see the size of this show can you say it is not a car show? 

A HEMI powered Corvette 


Setting the Pace r

These are legit Richard Petty tractors
Beep Beep

V12 flathead hot rod

A dirt track racing museum- yes in the woods


Holy monster in the woods

I knew I left my bike someplace, oh yeah in the woods!

Is that Mothra?

Not a car show, even the electric cars showed up

Reminds me of Big Daddy Ed Roth

You just don't expect to see a very rare Packard at a show like this 

A working saw mill

A mini tractor pull
Steam Powered Tractor

Yes it drove in a circle all day with no one at the controls, why?

And it's a truck show too!


 These last 2 photos explain why there was no Pumpkin Run at this location in 2017
The locals could not handle the traffic anymore so it's location was moved 

Little Egg Harbor NJ can rest easy now, it was a great show! 

Stretch Limo in a Can!
 I can not testify about the food although what appeared to be an owner walked in and ignored my greeting.
 I think this is very close to what the streets in Cuba look like
Howard "Dutch" Darrin left his mark on the automotive world and he tried to market a car is Israel- 1962 Illian  
There is actually is a void in all the facts, some say this was a 1959 concept. It never happened so it is one of none or one of one?

Supercharged via the Kaiser's 
In 1962 Darrin offered these custom noses for some Pontiacs and Buicks, ever seen one?


Jerry Kravitz of the Nomads took a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere hardtop convertible and made it unique! 

 Plymouth went kicking and screaming back into the hardtop business  (no posts) and as you can see convertible doors and quarter panels with a roof is the only way to explain this
Jacques (Iakov) Saoutchik born in the Ukraine was right alongside Dutch Darrin when it came to pushing the envelope of car art. Saoutchik took a 51 sedan and created this one off custom although some mystery about it hovers.
 The Packard looks mild compared to his other creations. His designs featured very unique chrome metal ornamentations not often seen on other customs!


Yes a real quote from a
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