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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


For the 340th blog it has a new look 340 is a good MOPAR number!
Since this really not a public museum I will not tell where it is is except it in a town with a total population of 150- really! 
I must thank Rhonda for setting this up and hosting me, I was impressed by her knowledge of the cars mostly because she was younger and these were cars I grew up seeing in magazines, building models and occasional TV coverage! 

At some point people were ignoring old racing cars and you could have bought them for almost nothing, this gentleman painstakingly restored some of the most famous cars in the world!
SOHC Ford racing engines

Please realize these are the real cars not replicas

Famous Gas Rhonda early transition to Funny Car 

Ford BOSS 429
Ford Factory Cobra Jet race car- remember I said that!

Holy Mackerel Bobby Allison's Chevelle!

Yes it is the Real Thing!

One of the Factory Altered Wheelbase MOPARS


A Richard Petty Riverside car, this one made right turns too!

Yes sir a NASCAR 426 HEMI ala Petty Enterprises!

The King's trademark peace sign headrest!

Yes Jungle Jim himself, no sign of Jungle Pam!

Connie Kalitta- Bounty Hunter 

I built these models all the time and loved Pro Stock from this era 
Gapp & Roush Pinto

Bob Glidden Pro Stock Fairmont

You see if you know who's car this is!!

Yes the Intimidators Monte- the late Dale Earnhardt 
 #34 Wendell Scott the only African American NASCAR driver
 I think you can imagine how he was not welcomed into the good ol' boy network at first 
 Seen the movie and never made the full connection, Richard Pryor played Wendell in the movie 
One thing about cars they seem to erase racial divide lines and as it became clear that Wendell had skill and integrity! Wendell would be asked to leave all white restaurants on the road and the other drivers would stand by him and threaten to leave unless he was served with them.
 Wendell built many a friendship with the other drivers and Richard Petty would "look out' for him, Dale Inman who was Petty's crew chief would supply parts to Wendell who had no sponsors nor budget!  

 Inducted into the NASCAR HALL OF FAME sadly 25 years after he passed away
 Wendell competed with the likes of Ralph Earnhardt,Cotton Owens,Ned Jarrett and Fireball Roberts!  
 Wendell's sons at a dedication
 Finally Wendell gets all the respect owed to him!
 They make a diecast of your car and you made it!!

 Richard Pryor with Wendell Scott during the filming of the movie
 The man with the car!
 NASCAR officials did not welcome Wendell and only recently recognized him officially and awarded him the respect and often lost akalads! 
 No high tech race team and that did not stop Wendell!
This place looks like my model collection growing up except these are real cars 

This gentleman purchased 11 factory 40th anniversary Cobra Jet Factory race cars 

This was a visit from 4 years ago and I think it is time to start hitting the archives!