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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Motorbikes for the Masses
I accidentally find links and segways into other blogs occur!
I am a member of the AACA Antique Automobile Club of America Museum in Hershey Pa. so I have unlimited visits which is a very good thing here! 
The AACA is constantly rotating display vehicles and special exhibits. Love the kiddie play area, where else could a kid play in a Crosley or American Bantam?  
I actually forgot the Motorbikes for the Masses exhibit was in place, welcomed surprise and funny tie into next weeks blog!

Rhese scooters were sold at Sears stores, it is an Allstate, see the connection? They sold cars also with this name right at the sears stores! 

Lotus the Art of Lightness
A special exhibit! Enjoy the video!

Pretty special Ford Cortina ala Lotus flair

Look at the chassis if you doubt the race heritage of the Lotus

That Tucker in the background is part of recently added permanent exhibit, stand by!

Hey a Chevy! 
The ZR-1 engine was developed by Lotus,but Mercury Marine built it!
How? Lotus was a subsidiary of GM back in the early 1990's! 

This little Lotus was mailed all over the world to Lotus owners worldwide!

The special Lotus Exhibit has come and gone!
Stand by for the follow up on this one,it all comes full circle and by accident!