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Friday, January 31, 2020


Since we are getting funky at CARHUNTER this month I want to share the stupidest new option ever!
Ok lets dissect this one, if you can't open your doors to get out then the guy next to you can't open his door to get in!! Most cars have a console down the center so you would have to enter and perform an Olympic Gold Medal award winning routine to get in one of the cars at least! Can you say my new Sonata just got pinstripes, well keyed?
I won't even get into the insulting accents of our friends in New England!
The question is which one of these new driverless options is going to kill me 1st? 
The car backs out into a lane of traffic on it's own? 

Moving along! 

I was looking through some photo files and just decided to try something different this month, CARHUNTER unusual and wacky spotting's from random car shows.

Should I comment on them or let you form your own opinion? 
Oh what the heck, I got it!

The Woodboard 1 
L. S. Ricerocket
On The Down Low Dually
Turnpike Trail Rider
Curious Crosley
Mud Detour
Bronco out to Pasture
Hodgepodge 1
Dubcedes Benz
Kitchen Sink Cruiser
Could not skip the rear view, find the kitchen sink and you get the door prize! 
Daytona Charging
Harley Hot Rod
Packard Pickem Up
A private collection, really! 
Setting a Land Speed Record Parked!
Silver Bullet 
Look into my wheel cover, your eyes lids are getting heavy!
Turbine Tourist
Ironic that the sign says Hamburgers!
V24 3420 Cubic Inches 2600 Horsepower Turbocharged, Supercharged and Intercooled!
Rumored to be the proposed engine for the new mid-engine Corvette if they ever build one for sale?
Caprice Turbine Power
Baja Bronco
Limo Speedster
Graham Go Cart
Rumble Seat Windscreen Surprise, Oops there it is!  
Wingless Widget - CONTACT!
High Level Mercedes
Limbo Lincoln
Scrapmetal Special
One of these things does not fit, ok all of these things don't fit!
Buick Bed Backboard 
Neoclassical Nonsense
Lost and Found, that's where that darn engine went! 
Missile Launcher
Termite T
Logging Truck
I had a 4 Door Maverick so I came up with this idea idea! 
They already beat me to the name!
Spare Chassis Special
The Shape of Things That are NOT Coming!

You think this was easy, glad it was the last photo!

I admit I enjoy Green Acres, that old TV show!
The opening credits show Oliver Wendel Douglas riding a MF tractor I believe, but there must have been some conflict 
Mr. Haney Sells our hero a very rare Hoyt-Clagwell tractor that keep exploding and showing all kind of signs of unreliable traits

They are so rare because Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Clagwell's wives  just could not see eye to eye so production ended in the prime years of production!  

Leaving no source for parts or information as seen below;

"I'm seeking manuals, advertising, photos, and/or parts of and/or related to Hoyt-Clagwell tractors. Has anyone owned, driven, and/or seen one of these things?? Please post or e-mail any info if you have it...this will be of assistance in settling a wager amongst my crew..thanx mucho!!"

When it fell apart Oliver tells Haney "you sold me a defective tractor" his replay was "no It's a Hoyt-Clagwell" to which Eb added "a Defective has bigger front wheels" 
Note that on your next tractor barn find hunt!! 
 How one was found for the show is unreal!

 They were real workhorses 

Recently a band took on the name!

It does have a following!

 Ertl made a diecast!
Mr. Clagwell went to a position on the county seat never became successful again and reported to have died destitute and penniless.
On the other hand Mr. Hoyt at first produced imitation fruit including the best fake persimmons later  developed electric meters and the family name is still carrying on today!!   

Have you had enough yet? CARHUNTER is just pulling your leg; there is no such thing as a Hoyt Clagwell!!
Sorry Hoyt Precision Instruments is an unrelated real company! 
The tractor used in the show was a Fordson, yes built by Ford with his Son!

ROHM AND HAAS not a household name?
Do you recall Mr. McGuire saying to Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) in the Graduate "There's a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?"
Just one word, Plastics!
1940 Soybean Ford, corn based plastic anyway.
Only tipping the scales at 2000 lbs the car had potential, Henry Ford has this thing for Soybeans and they came up with a plastic made from them! 
The formula was never recorded so many rumors were floating around as to its design.
 Never developed, because? World War II breaks out all effort towards war effort production and where is the car? The car reported to have been destroyed. I heard it was made into Tofu?

 That crazy dude Henry Ford using an axe to demonstrate how tough body panels made of plastic could be!
The Plastic Pontiac
Plastic was new in 1939 and if you ever saw old plastic parts they pretty much disintegrated 
At the 1939 Worlds Fair one of the innovations was a new acrylic plastic and Plexiglas  that would prove to be more durable.  Rohm and Haas was commissioned to make a clear 39 Pontiac. The car still survives and other than chips and some transport damage it is a testament to durability 75 years later as its crystal clear.

Although sketchy this 39 Plymouth with clear roof may have also been at the 39 Worlds Fair, but not associated with Rohm and Haas.

What happened to all these ideas?
Rohm and Haas (R&H) started to promote and explore the idea of plastic cars although it is tough to get definitive proof if the cars made it past drawings or non functional mock ups? The Mustang may have been dubbed the 1965 Explorer III to highlight composite headlamp,tail lamps, body panels like the hood and clear roof panels to demonstrate possible usages of the R&H production possibilities.
      The 1964 Corvette concept may have been the Explorer II of the R&H attempts, mimicked the 54-55 factory Corvette bubble tops
In 1967 R&H and again it is partially guess work the concept grew to a complete car Explorer IV, many drawings and no cars?

Fumbling through some odd brochures I find one on the Explorer V of January 1969
CARHUNTER found this brochure at a swap meet and just had to have it! 
You know, Paraplex P-19 polyester resin! 
Nice photo re-touch, but the car never existed! 
Fifth in a series of  "idea" cars "built" to showcase the many uses of Polymers, Monomers etc....
 This concept car showed every use and possibilities of R&H production
 Used in vinyl molded parts for strength 
 Polymer oil additives 

All the parts shown used their product concepts

Welcome to the future, now we complain about all the plastic in cars, LOL! 

Do you know one of the greatest Blues Guitarists? 
Do you know he is the late Stevie Ray Vaughn's older brother? 

Did you know he was part of the Fabulous Thunderbirds?

Did you know he has a great collection of Kustom Kars? 

1961 Caddy

1951 Chevy

1963 Buick Riviera

1954 Ford 

Did you know CARHUNTER likes them all?