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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Over the last year because of health reasons I have limited my traveling and missed many shows.
Searching for a previously un-posted show or museum I was scanning an SD card from 2014 and noticed a bunch of unusual, rare, home built or outright crazy vehicles so enjoy an eclectic collection   

This was just coincidence as I pulled into a hotel for the night in west Pennsylvania and a cruise in was happening in an adjacent parking lot.
I was amazed at his guy craftsmanship producing his own all wood bed sides!

Then I spot this Munsters Coach wannabe

Sometimes some iconic Kustoms are hiding in museums 

Meanwhile back at the ranch!
Crazy Cool Desoto!

Some little ones have the best cars!
Don't ask and I won't try to explain!

As if I could?

A 57 Chevy 2 door sedan built back in the day as a hearse!

5777777777 Chevy
It was a Magnum Wagon once
Kind of smooth and round huh?

 What a great idea for a car hauler

This has to be a very rare ambulance/hearse 1961 Chrysler Newport in 4 wheel drive to boot? May have been built by Richard Brothers Division of Allied Products 

Odd and factory built by AMC, an Oleg Cassini edition Matador.
You may ask what's a Matador?
This is early 70's Australian  Chrysler Valiant Charger with a HEMI, sorry straight 6 HEMI with multiple carbs. They even were sold in the UK 

 Chevy "Cutvair" Corvair

It is contagious!

This was a 59 Caddy with 18" cut out of the center with a sawzall!
Then put back together!

It wants to be a Cord!

I would call it Guppy
I don't know why just check out the Chrysler 

They have landed run for cover!

I think Chevy should have built this one!

I spotted this way over in field, unexplained, but clearly dragged out of the woods at one point! 

That orange spec is my car and I walked that far just to see it!  
Hey that guy has a Saab Sonett in his yard   
My kind of dually
I still am not sure I think this works?

The coolest pro-street tubbed Studebaker ever!

Very clean indeed 
I liked this Riviera back then, but he is still changing things on it, my friend it was perfect like this 4 years ago STOP!

Very different approach to a power plant for sure!

Do you know what it is?

There is a bunch of stuff going on here on this Buick!

Never saw it again
Guess what it is?

 A very hacked 50 Dodge
 You just don't not see restored Ford LTD II's

 Turbine powered creation

Tons of custom features like a bonus cab with a 3rd door!

 A very sexy Crown Ghia limo!

 The goal was build the longest car ever and it happened!

 Delahaye autos are nothing short of art!

What can I say about this one off Duesenberg race car?

I hope you enjoyed a strange little journey this month?

When CARHUNTER thinks of Horch Motor Cars the vision of a Concours D'Elegance winner comes to mind as they were the ultimate luxury car, August Horch actually lost his own company eventually starting a new company; Audi which is the Latin translation of Horch.
Without it's founder the company built many military vehicles during WWII

Following our November oddity theme this is a Horch fire truck with all it's equipment hiding under a greenhouse of some sort!

This bus seems to have emulated the Horch!
Here is the study on your own time section and if desired read more about Horch at this link

Although a cartoon concept car it fit in this months theme well! 
Our hero (or zero) Homer Simpson finds his long lost brother voiced by Danny DeVito is a big Automotive Executive and he lets Homer design a car! Homer say's it must have rack and peanut steering!!
It's the all new HOMER!

A one episode cartoon gets a Hot Wheels car!
A model kit

And a replica from the 24 Hours of Lemons race circuit!  
 The Simpsons every day car was finally ID'd as a
1986 Plymouth Junkerolla?
Yup they made a toy as well!

In an episode obviously poking fun at the sheep who joined the giant SUV army!
 Marge drives a Canyonero, Twelve Yards long and 2 lanes wide!
I recall back in my Jeep Dealership days when the new small Cherokee came out woman had fears of driving that big (?) SUV, now they jump in giant SUV's like pros! 
Think of how cartoon drawings influenced the world! 

Gene Winfield built this crazy custom car in 1965 The Reactor!


It later shows up as Catwoman's car on the 60's Batman TV show!
It then shows up as a top secret concept car on Bewitched when his mother in-law  Endora "borrows" it and gives it to Darin! 

Then it shows up on Star Trek the original TV series!

The first alien car?
 Speaking of Gene Winfield at age 91 is still doing his thing and popping up at car shows all over the world!
The man is recovering as I wrote this Finland where he fell and broke a hip, the custom car world stepped up and they raised a bunch of money to pay his expenses and get him home. 
Just updated Gene Winfield has made it back to the USA thanks to the Kustom Kar world $99,417 was raised for his expenses!
He is unstoppable and ready to get back to work!

Remember I post em as I seed dem!
Word for word and no edit!
64 Thunderbird matching numbers 39DC8 transmission factory door Detroit locker rear end pot Pawsey track 9 inch bucket seats a AC engine was just rebuilt factory Duel exhaust this car was custom ordered to be the baddest thing on the road perfect restoration job
You mean that car over there in the field?