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Friday, December 29, 2017


A few years ago I had the pleasure of visiting this amazing museum right at Mr. Starbird's in Oklahoma.  
All around the building are movie props and projects from the past.

Once inside you start seeing legendary vehicles we built models of like the Lindbergh BIG T which was 1/8 scale so it was a BIG model 

The museum plays tribute to all the customizers from back in the day!

I think the creations of Mr. Starbird really are the Stars of the Show

Sometimes you can tell at a glance what the vehicle started as, can you guess?

PT Cruiser gone wild!

Modern take on old school cool

A little subtle
I was not actually doing the blog yet at the time of my visit so I did not chronicle my visit as I do now.

A mild restyle on a very stylish Buick


This is Darryl Starbird's legacy, bubble top canopy creations!

His creations are unreal!

Who else customized a Pantera?

Yes an AMC Pacer

Hey the LiL' Coffin!



 As I review my photos I saw quite a few shots that I just stumbled upon somewhere in the Midwest! 

These were on the original Route 66 


Packard of the week is the Packard Plant in Detroit because it is finally being re-born!
This has been rotting eyesore for decades, but it is coming back to life.
 Once sprawling and now a new life.

The last 1942 Packard before the plant was converted to war production 
Strange things have happened here for years
It was used as a set for Transformers movie
Six different and distinct paths are in store for the old factory, residential, retail, offices, light industry, recreation and art.  
CARHUNTER has reported on 2 very similar projects
Ok it's a shameless attempt by CARHUNTER to urge you to review some older blogs I enjoyed writing!  

Lets take a wide lens look at some concept cars from a rather unknown manufacturer, Kaiser-Frazer   
All aluminum design proposed

You probably are thinking these are crazy designs until you see this next car, the Dutch Darin designed DKF X-161, they were not that far-fetched.

Yes the door slides into the front fender and this car is 1st Fiberglass bodied car in the US
Kaiser produced many unusual cars like the Traveler, kind of SUV like!
My absolute favorite Kaiser could be a concept car as it is so unique, The Kaiser Manhattan also called a Virginian or Dragon. 
This South Seas concept car shows how this car crossed into the *Avant-garde world of French Fashion!
*The avant-garde (from French, "advance guard" or "vanguard", literally "fore-guard") are people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to fashion, art, lifestyle or culture. The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo.
The Traveler was still a unique style

Did I say unique?
Say it!
Ole' Henry J. Kaiser named a car after himself!

There he is, Henry J himself!  

Hey I never have been accused of being too diplomatic so why break a streak!
Every year CARHUNTER tries to pick the Ridler Award winner and 2017 broke that winning streak!!
See which of the Great 8 you would have picked, as you can see I picked
this ultra modified 1949 Chevy Truck of Robby Collvins and it did not win to my surprise.
The way I approach this is my absolute 1st impression and would I have in my crosshairs if I see it across the show floor and gravitate towards it.  
Once my attention has been sucked in I start reviewing the details, but usually go back to my 1st instinct!

It's unique and there is much to take in!
This car won the Ridler and Americas Most Beautiful Street Rod, craftsmanship and execution fantastic, but in CARHUNTER's opinion looks much like a Prowler!  
PROWLER inspired?
I was contacted that this car is for sale! Keep in mind the car is in the UK!
For info on the cars availability.