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Saturday, November 21, 2015


Crazy week coming up and I may be "out of pocket" as they say mid-week so a slightly early weekly blog-enjoy!!
One vehicle every car person loves is the VW, but not more than the Bus or Kombi or who knows what to call it?
The multiple window ones have reached an unreal level of value as one recently sold for a crazy $235,000 in 2014 at a German Auction
A custom stretch limo for $220,000 
In the dark crevices of CARHUNTERS brain besides cobwebs many things get stuck back there!
Over the years I have observed the over abundance of the 3? generations of the Volkswagen micro-bus in the variety of configurations, but more important the staggering desire to customize this poor thing!        
Today CARHUNTER and created a new word and expect everyone to start using it immediately=
CARIETY  because it is the spice of life!

The pickup version opens to a flatbed work station

 As we take this photo journey you may find some photo shopped examples, but believe it or not most of what you are going to see is real! 

This is a bunk bed!

 This is real and eventually will feature the builders work

 WOOD- that brings back an odd memory from the past, growing up some guy in the neighborhood made a solid wood bumper on his van and burned into the front was the word "WOOD" so we walked around saying "WOOD" every 10 mins for about 3 years as an inside joke! It replace hello for a long time, LOL!  

 These are actually tents!

 It's America!
 Concept Bus of the future
 Hey another Gulf scheme, must have escaped from that blog?

 Are they real?

 Holy giant Kombi
Holy tiny Kombi

 Good buddy you got the roller skate, keep the shiney side up! 10-4

 Now I can farm in the rain!

 Where is Shaggy?
 Size does matter!

Things are looking up!!
Notice I did not overload flower power versions!