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Sunday, July 9, 2017


Is this on, can you hear me?
The lack of responses and encouragement was not large, but the CARHUNTER is back for July.
We visit the Grice Clearfield Community Museum which is virtually unknown. Clearfield Pennsylvania is off I80 somewhere between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.
The first thing you see is a perfect 50's Custom Mercury Led Sled 

When you enter the unassuming building and get into the actual museum this guy greets you! 
Grice Gun Shop claims to be the largest in the area, based on this collection they must have been a profitable business at one time? I have not read many GOOD reviews of the Gun Store Recently! 
Every spare inch between this rather eclectic car collection are mounted hunting treasures of every conceivable type of animal! 
The collection is unusual to say the least!

Just before they bagged this Polar Bear he told them he loved Caddy's!

Ok so I screwed up, was this a real Allard or replica?

Based on the small exhaust tips and wheels this is more than likely a VW kit car, my boo boo the museum list it as a 1948??

You looking at me?
So the guy liked gimmicky kit cars!

The Crosley collection was unreal and unknown I think?
Many of this little cars built by the appliance and radio maker were one of one!

Thank you Mr. Waldeck! I did some quick research and it seems Richard Waldeck was a US Army Tech Sgt. assigned to OSS, Office of Strategic Service and today this is known as the CIA! Passed in 2006 and his tombstone just says "He Loved His Cars"

These cars were sold in appliance stores next to refrigerators! 

A HOTSHOT, which was the Corvette of Crosley's

Cars you never see in museums

Got to love this one!

I can only imagine what cars once graced the museum prior to the roof collapse in 1994!

Say it- CHROME!

And you said they don't exist?
Remember the Buick Reatta sport cars 88-90?

Safari time!


I warned you!
Hey that is unusual in here?

Who has all these preserved "Boats" in a museum?

Cruisin in the 50's

A Rockne Six named after the famous Football coach, built by Studebaker 

The matching trailer is very cool

Never built Chevy El Camino

I loved his show!

This is a Kit Car
M151 known as a Mutt

It started at the gun store 

 It was nothing short of a massive shock!
I was just there last year and grabbed a bunch of little parts almost impossible to find for pennies!
Mostly low value MOPARS, but over the other side of the yard was bits and pieces of Road Runners, Super Bees and GTX's 

I left one piece on this Trailduster I needed and came back with a hammer to release it, but OH NO!


 Why I am so upset? Every vehicle that was older than 1990 was crushed since my last visit, Dusters, Barracudas, D100's, A100's, Satellites and Coronets - GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! I found this out after driving out of my way and paying the $2 entry fee and was heart broken!