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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


CARHUNTER coverage of the rod run continues!

Oddly on this the grey appeared to be the as molded fiberglass?

Henry J

Nice big block Polara and it's ALL green

Almost Corvette Summer, was a bunch of old school Vette customs

Pontiac 2 Door wagon
The more you look, the more you see and that is a true Rat Rod!

A Fully functioning Japanese Fire Truck

Sorry it is a VW

A King Midget

Had to show the paint up close 
Peek A Boo
Half cab Internationals were in force here with small block Chevies!

Looks angry, I would be too if the owner did not realize the engine is not centered in MOPARS

Interesting headlamp mod on this A100 Dodge

A Chrysler 5 Window coupe

Home made body

Panel truck Vette

It will come to me, but I have no idea what this is?

I was too cool for school!

Strange nose and hood, huh?

I don't know?
670 HP

4.3 V6 converted Chevy Vega

There was a huge Bronco event in the area, we kept passing them all over the place, some made it to the rod run!
Narrowed Silverado full size bed on an S10?  

Stay tuned much much more coming folks!