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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


100 YEARS AGO, I can try and make it exciting!
Yeah we spoke about Electric cars
 A Woods Dual Power= Hybrid!
 A Flying car concept
 Chauffer driven Caddy
Ford Model T Paddy wagon
American LaFrance Pumper 
 Ford TT tractor trailer?
 Roadside farm sales
 1910-1923 who does not remember the Kline Kar, no I said Kline not Klown!
Starting in York Pennsylvania the car at first the York, then Pullman and eventually moved to Richmond Virginia James Kline is another lost in time car builder!   
 Virginia has a rich automobile history, but that is for another Blog!
 There may only be 2 Kline Kars still around, this rare racer looks very fast!
 Maybe 1917 cars look better as rods?
Jay Leno's 17 Botafogo, Batawhogo?
Many famous people were born in 1917
Ernest Borgnine
 Ella Fitzgerald
John F Kennedy- JFK
Dean Martin
Lena Horne
Phyllis Diller
Robert Mitchum
John Lee Hooker Boom Boom Boom Boom
Isabel Sanford Weezy
Buddy Rich
Dizzy Gillespie
Just to name a few!
Two passed away and I bet you thought they were not real?
Diamond Jim Brady
Buffalo Bill
The Ford River Rouge Plant construction begins!

The River Rouge factory tour pays homage to his history!
Maybe 50 years ago is interesting too?
The Camaro first appeared!

The New Dodge Charger was already getting ready for a facelift
The Alexander Brother created the famous Dodge Deora
It started as a 1967 A100
It's a Caddy
 Dodge Coronet Cop Car
 Stageway airport limos were all over the place like this Pontiac
 A Lincoln limo, stretch cars were very common in 1967
 Ford C-600 cab over which was one of those timeless vehicles in it's stride 1967. The C was built from 1957 until 1990 - 33 years!
Even Mack sold it
 I almost got side tracked into another blog as this truck can be a blog by itself so just a note about the different versions and models all the way to the "2 Story Falcon" a nickname given to the HD Diesel over the road rigs - look close the original cab is in there someplace!
The VW Beetle was produced for 65 years in many world markets
1967 it was in its glory, again more than enough info for a another full blog!
Checker Cab
This 67 was a staple of the NYC Taxi jungle and again enjoying a long run already by this year.
1967 GM Fishbowl
A very common sight in 1967 if you lived in any major city built from 1959-1977 in the USA
and 1986 in Canada 
The car world was much more interesting, famous people born in 1967? Only 50 years ago and it would only be a standard fair list of todays celebrities. Looking back above at the impressive list of people born in 1917 I am going to skip that information for 1967! 
AJ Foyt won the Indy 500
NOTE there was no 1917 INDY 500, was cancelled due to the World War- remember there was no other worldwide war so no need for the I yet!
Mario Andretti won the Daytona 500- really!
1967 24 hours of Lemans winner, piloted by the team of Dan Gurney and AJ Foyt
The odds were with the Ford GT-40 huh?
Don Garlits wins the NHRA Nationals
Swamp Rats still were front engine
This little flick came out in 67
Maiden flight of the 737!
Evel Knievel jumped a motorcycle over the fountain at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
Well he tried to, OUCH!
 Land on the rear wheel Evel not your rear end!
 You got to be famous if they make a wall chart of your injuries!
After the failed 1967 jump he was unconscious for 29 days!

what is in the future for the next 12 months?
Hey 2018 is just around the corner!
Oddly enough a webpage is already explaining what to expect
It is funny the movie rollerball was set in the year 2018!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


 Lets keep going with part 2 of the "NATIONALS"

Unusual and tasty Rambler

Another feast for eyes, the more you look the more you see!

Got to appreciate old school
A nice retro machine
The interior is impressive and glad it is a convertible so you can see it!
Yes it is a Mercedes Grille shell

Who does not enjoy a nice Woody?

Love a coordinated rod

That is a lotta motor!
Interesting Nova
Twin Turbo


Nice Riviera right into the trunk

A very nice custom Vette!

Yes a nicely chopped roof

I was hoping it was not a real original HEMI car


Nose bleed central to ground control!

Max Wedge 1

 Max Wedge 2
 Max Wedge 3


 Nice show, some cool cars, Nationals? A nice diversion for a cold late fall weekend and season ender!