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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


My first time at one of these events in West Springfield Mass. and #1 big complaint was that the tiny sign leading you to the MUST PAY lot (besides show entry fee) was so small I missed the turn, but found a parking spot outside the center gate. That would have been great, but they did not have any entry points and I wound up walking at least a mile around the entire show grounds to get in, when I was leaving again the choice was walk all the way around again. I thank the guy that gave a me a ride in a golf cart!  
 Gotta love these late 30's early 40's Ford OOPs (coupes?)
 Sitting on a late model dually pick up chassis this car became a truck as you walked past it

 Yes it is VW

 The street rods went from RatRod all the way up to Hi-Tech with stops in between at every level

 Crazy Studebaker that was tubed out back
 Old S'cool

Ever see a vintage DATSUN (Vintage Nissan to you kids) sitting next to a street rod?
It has a 3/4 cam (connecting the frame rails) Chrysler Industrial Valve covers on this early Hemi 
 Should have turned left at the Salt Flats!
 Great proportions on this mix of old and new

 Reminds me of Brisket, it was low, but probably not slow

 Mixed in were many restored Muscle cars

 I am not sure the photos do justice to this Camaro

 Hey someone peeled the roof back

 This Roadrunner spotting was in the middle of my 73-74 search

 This Duster old world Funny Car had a ground pounding Keith Black Hemi 511 cubic inch throwing out 1200 Horsepower - they announced it would fired up at 2pm!
 It is obvious most of the gawkers never heard a nitro methane powered funny car, loud as all heck and then they burped the throttle and my feet seemed to have lost contact with Terra Firma! People actually ran away,wish I had shot video, it was pretty funny! 
 Last of the V8 interceptors you say?
 Australian Ford Falcon's are few and far between in the "States"
Max was not that Mad today
Plenty more to come, I was disappointed that many cars were leaving by 3pm based on the night time scheduled events?

Monday, July 28, 2014


 I was going back and forth with this visit because I could not get a clear answer of what was in this famous race track museum?
 To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be a understatement 
 Many more cars than I expected and obviously some historically significant cars to boot!

 Crude vs. Hi-tech, good ol boys gone racing for sure!

 What's a Matador? It is potent race car, that's what!

 Any Richard Petty car is a religious experience 

 Does that glass enclosure have a Hemi In It? Yeah it's got a Hemi

 The motorsports walls of fame were very impressive - person items above and when you pressed the button you got some great stories and history

 It was an easy day and CARHUNTER radar was up so I thought I saw something just outside the track
 Ford had been a dominating influence down south and I spot this field filled with NASCAR inspired Ford Torino's, Mercury Cyclone Spoilers

 Cale Yarborough was famous for these Mercury's 

The Cale Yarborough Special, Cyclone spoiler is what is sitting in this yard in need of resto!