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Sunday, September 30, 2018


 The Wild Hot Rod Weekend in Mahwah NJ is becoming a great tradition show. It is held at the Mahwah Sheraton which solved many issues for me since I stayed at the hotel that weekend.
Yeah Butch Patrick aka Eddie Munster was here signing autographs.  
I love the ballroom display and always get there very early so I can do the room empty!
Many Dead Mans Curve club members cars fill the room

Then you spot some very famous cars like the Rickshaw! 

Then I spot the Fireball 500 car, I remember building the model like it was yesterday! 

Ooh ooh it's My Mother the Car Porter in the flesh so to speak!

You know CARHUNTER did a blog on it before!
My favorite, but I think I am up to my limit on BATMOBILES now! 

Holy I just saw the Batmobile, it's the Jade Idol and what a car it is!

The legend Gene Winfield is the king of paint!

Ok back to the future, I mean present! 

Love the ole s'cool look

I am still not 100% sure of the entire scheme of all the ground thumpers and the start ups

It's Artie of Artie's party plugging the Syracuse Nationals 

Good instructional guidance

Now I have to find Electrolux emblems, is he telling us his engine sucks? 


CARHUNTER needs a 60's car to paint like this!

This is a new look!

I was trying to find a tasteful comment to add, never mind.

Alright the little ones divert your eyes a second and move to the next photo!

Grille of the year award sponsored by Weber

How cool is this look instead of boring chrome?

Love the perfectly placed jacket!

Ok don't stare, but is that who I think it is?
Don't stare I said!!
Oh yeah that's the good stuff, a Kustom Kemp 

Bump into a "friend" I have not seen in awhile with this nice 1970 R/T, no not a Coronet or Super Bee in Burnt Orange with matching interior.
I missed the rolling of the eyes while I was talking, lol!! 

Mr. Piston smoking a spark plug!

Add on heater sucking air from the exhaust manifold and blew it into the interior!

Just don't see these anymore
Read the sunscreen carefully!



Oh no run it's the giant DMC Ape! Run DMC ok cheap joke, just move along nothing to see here!
Dead Mans Curve organizes the show! 
It was a Corvette now its the famous and illusive Caballista from Dunham Coach who brought us all the wide body Superfly cars  

I want to publically thank Mr. Taxi Cab burger who just started up and in a nasty way told me he could not make me a burger without cheese because it would slow down his production and hold the line up. Dude I could see the burgers just placed on the grille without cheese on them and there was no line, I am lactose intolerant and because of some health issues need to eat something at times.
I moved over to the Italian (name?) food truck next to it and the next day had food poisoning which got me sick for 4 days.
I have mentioned the poor food vendors at this show before, 20 minute lines for a bottle of water, no food to buy at 11am as the breakfast supply ran out and lunch not ready yet. YOU NEED TO STEP THIS UP   
1939 was a crazy year for headlamps and this Graham did not miss that trend
Older build with aV6 Buick

Hey is that?
Yes Dennis Gage of My Classic Car
Ok this little guy stole the show in his remote controlled Caddy 

The jury is still out on this one?

Step up to the ? Bars

Man this guy is building a narrowed fleet that started with a '59 Caddy 1st!

It's a whole new world of drivetrains boys and girls!

Fix your hair the girls are here!


It is common knowledge that most car guys are not sports fans and most real sport fanatics are not car guys in the true sense of each title.
The CARHUNTER sees the world through an alternate portal and maybe you have seen the Gold Ford Model A storming out on the field at a Georgia Tech College Football game?
 This car is a living legend and I mean living, I don't think any other car has had such a following

There is so much more to the story than most could ever have imagined!

 I don't think I could tell the story any better than the 2 videos I have added links to which unearth the tradition, pride, honor and document 57+ years of good clean American College hijinks which you will hear about in the video stories!
CARHUNTER recommended viewing!  
Hosted by the 2008 driver, yes 1 driver is picked to drive the car each year from the Ramblin Wreck Crew Team and responsible for the cars upkeep and appearances. You follow them through the Homecoming week activities, a story in itself!
 Pete George GT alumni who was manager of the Ford Motor Company Hapeville Plant (Atlanta Georgia) was responsible for Ford's restoration of the car that led to the Gold paint  
It kind of started with a race for 2 years (I have condensed the story) then evolved

 To this day the contraption parade is part of the Homecoming events.
It's a Technical College folks so the rules today dictate the vehicle must not be propelled by normal means so you guess how that goes!

 It's famous and it is everywhere!


 It is available for weddings of alumni

 College rivalries can be brutal and after an accident this was posted by a rival school!
In 1963 while playing a game at University Of Tennessee GT learned a lesson and set new policy after UT assured them they had a safe place to stow the car and when they came for it before the game UT had painted the car Orange! The car was never out their hands ever again!  
Much more to the story of this simple car and I urge you to watch the videos above!!
 Well for a little while on this chalk board car!
Yes buckets of crayons to sign in!
CARHUNTER loves the old concept cars and I believe this one is gone unless Joe Bortz ( I will get to him soon enough!) is hiding it in his garage!
Displayed at the 1955 NY GM Motorama show the Pontiac Strato Chief concept car 
 It seemed to settle in as it's other name the Strato Star

 I would take one, how's about you?

 It's a two for this month as I slid in the earlier Pontiac Strato Streak for your viewing and fanaticizing pleasure!  
 Can we start building a replica, please?


Since I just bumped into it lets expand on the Jade Idol
Start with a stock Mercury like this
Like many of these cars that actually survived there were several versions sometimes not easy to keep track of

Then it rolled off the trailer!
Came back to life with a different paint job 
Go ahead sharp shooters, is this the same car, nope!
A tribute called the Jade Idol II  
 If you want more info check out this article, they track the history well!
Again this is un-edited from a craigslist ad, this one for a 1929 Ford Model A Tudor
Salesman of the year he linked every single catch phrase word that has absolutely nothing to do with this car!! 
So buy it will ya!
"Search words: hot rod hotrod rat patina blown blower gasser kustom custom lowered narrowed pro street prostreet deuce cabriolet tudor three window sectioned channeled dropped axle feature halibrand foose barris winfield hines von dutch brizio alloway car craft rodders steel classic lightweight mint camaro chevelle corvette el camino impala rumble spindles turbo fairlane 500 olds oldsmobile 88 98 pontiac gto 442 coupe gtxfalcon sprint anglia scj nailhead superbird challenger six pack bonneville salt race bagged dual quad roadrunner superbee station woodie convertible phaeton touring hardtop tiger sunbeam rt ta 427 428 429 392 354 331 454 383 stroker 502 440 340 401 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1948 1949 1950 1951 1955 1956 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 five sedan chop chopped nosed decked hemi wedge mouse flat head flathead ss henry muncie cuda charger bronco blazer bubbletop bubble top 348 409 406 426 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 drag show winner magazine cobra gt350 gt500 mach wagon delivery woody 1939 1940 1941 1946 1947 daytona talladega aar yenko motion holman moody"