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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I think we have come to the fork in the road at this point!
CARHUNTER blog has been growing steadily, but recently the readers count I can see has dropped dramatically. Depending on the way you set yourself up I may not have all views shown on the stats.
I have heard there is too much to read, too many photos and I just do not have time to look at the blog. I have tried themed informative blogs. I have tried posting large amount of photos from giant events understanding maybe 10% of those photos may not be of interest to one person, but how do I decide which photos I should exclude?
With a crazy busy life at the moment I have asked myself why do I find myself racing to post a blog in the middle of the night so I meet a deadline?
Honestly when a FRIEND tells me they are too busy to look at the blog while sending me some other internet garbage its probably the worst scenario!
As a test take the time to read some of the previous blogs and catch up a bit and feel free to send a comment to either agree or encourage me to continue weekly or not? 


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  if you click that you can send a comment to voice your opinion which is only posted if I publish it and you can post anonymously
without input or increased views of the blog it goes monthly now.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Chryslers at Carlisle a look back to 2012
An outer building that was recently a John Deere dealership had a more exciting past as a car dealership showroom right on the edge of the Carlisle property for a few years transformed itself into a retro car dealership for the various events and this year was a retro 1972 MOPAR dealership!

 You enter the doors and it is 1972 and the showroom floor is all new cars on display

 A Chrysler boat

 The service department is lined with many cars in for warranty repairs and scheduled maintenance!

 This 1970 Fury just got into an accident, well back in 1972 with almost no miles on it, wound up in a body shop and it sat there for many years untouched for over 40 years!
A sight you may have seen in a MOPAR dealer back in 1972

 This event brings out a crazy bunch of hidden MOPARS every year
 Altered wheelbase, no altered everything!
 Holly grail of T-top cars, Ok I still like M bodies

 This concept car Mirada wound up in private hands and keeps changing hands known as the Mirada Magnum

 A Fury becomes a Roadrunner for one year 1975
 Oh it is one of one the color combo - red rump stripe, one a of very few 440-4 bbl shaker hood cars- love it! 

 A Petty and Wing Car gathering as well!
 No some of these are creations of one man not factory

I think my favorite Petty car of all!

 This 1960 said to be a factory Police car
 The very unusual and rare Mod-Top cars were in attendance


 Either you love them or hate them!

Only a Mod seat car!

 This was exactly how the Ramchargers race team started out - really?!
 A cute Ute from down under

 I still had my Magnum back then so I was excited, not so much now! LOL!

Do I miss it?

 We needed a little extra on this blog so I just returned from the Oyster Bay Cruise night and it is not a happy visit!
Even dusted off the 74 Plymouth!
  I arrive early and take control of a primo spot on the main street, having all the stores and restaurants on the closed street is what makes this a great cruise night.
 A few nice customs I have never seen before start rolling in like this custom Vette

 He rolls in with this dude and one of the craziest VW's I have ever seen!
Have you noticed the scenery has changed in this shot?
 Not much of this is still a VW and heard a guy say I bet he could turn a Vette into a VW for his next project!

 The bewitching hour arrives and only a few of us are sitting on the street and no sign of the traffic control brigade?
 We learn eventually that the town is having a meeting and moved the cars to an empty parking lot by the train station, but insist on still charging us, I thought $3,but now it is $7. No bathrooms no shade no restaurants and no kidding!
 Very unusual Fiat Abarth

 This guy gets around, I wish I noticed the street parking behind him and saved the $7!

 I have seen Mad Mike everywhere!
 He is actually a happy guy, mad as in mad scientist, just look at this engine!

 This Buick was actually special and it said it on the side

 Never seen a Mercury Cyclone in this color combo!

 While we were sitting there the FD was practicing the rather dangerous and in my opinion pointless waste of money competition
 Keep in mind this is a public lot at the train station and we were just standing feet away! 
 Full speed, slam on the brakes, the ladder goes up and a guy flies up the ladder! HUH?

 This Nash is like a banana when you peel back the roof

 Another reminder we just lost "The Saint" Roger Moore with a Volvo P1800

 Walked right past it
 Then I noticed a small block Chevy in this Z car

 Oh I like this sneaky Caddy with some wide wheels out back trying to look stock!

 One of the retired FD competition buggies!
 All I found out was he built a few crazy competition FD trucks

I wish they told us the street was not being used tonight, it takes away the charm of it all!

If you grew up on the East Coast more than likely you remember Mr. Softee trucks and noisy compressor with about a 1000 degree tail trail? Boyertown of Pennsylvania built these trucks! That mountain of soft ice cream sitting on a tall cone was the bomb! 
 For years I was the only one that remembered the same style truck selling Chinese food until I purchased a Boyertown Truck history book and found this photo which confirmed the CARHUNTER was not delusional!  
Chow Mein and Egg Rolls! One driver was nicknamed Chop Suey Louie! The Chow Mein was served in an edible crispy wonton like shell cup, but also on hamburger buns! French fries and a hot dog wrapped in deep fried egg roll shell was also on the menu!
 Why did it take another 40+ years for the food truck craze to explode and is the Chow Chow Cup creator Alan Nussbaum turning over in his grave? Like the Mr. Softee trucks music played, but it was a corny Chinese sounding haunt!
There was a fleet of these tasty trucks with territory that extended above the 5 boroughs of NYC! I believe there might have been a fixed store location as well!
 Chow Chow Cup to the Rescue! This is at the Woodstock festival responding to a food shortage and was escorted by the Police. Take out Chinese food stores killed off the fleet by the 70's!
Oddly enough the other memory of the Boyertown trucks was NYPD "Paddy Wagons" or politically correct prisoner transporters through the 60's or 70's! 

We can not talk about mobile eats without mentioning Ruby the Knishman
who was a staple of Canarsie Brooklyn. 
 Although often with a only push cart it is reported Ruby had a 1950 Plymouth with the trunk lid removed housing a knish oven, later he also moved to a van - food trucks are a new idea?
FYI a Knish is an ethnic potato filled fried piece of heaven!

Packard never actually built a sedan delivery, but this one existed without any facts about how, who, where or why!