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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Right in Myrtle Beach SC is an amazing collection of some very important muscle cars, but I don't want to nit-pick although I need to a little. Paul Cummings retired from owning a chain of convenience stores and finally made his collection a museum in 2009 along with his wife Carol a passion is now shared with visitors from all the over the world!
 Of course I noticed the 4x4 converted van  

Some eye candy outside!
It is one mans dream collection and most of the cars are top choices of what you should have in a serious collection!

Superbirds in the window!

I can not fault them for the very tight space because we do overdo it sometimes and it is a little crowded in here.
Charger 500

Cyclone Spoiler

440 Cuda

63 Plymouth

70 Challenger, where are my sunglasses?

AAR Cuda



A12 and its not LAPD

Cyclone x2

Little Red Express truck famous W2 cylinder head model 


It may be hard to see in the photos  which were tough enough due to space and lighting, but many of the paint jobs were less than perfect and I understand with so many cars it is hard do each perfectly. I have been guilty of "phoning in" a few cars I built up 

This wall made it clear there are more cars! 
The collection is almost an encyclopedia of muscle cars and I do strongly recommend a visit while in Myrtle Beach or even a road trip diversion for sure! 
Like I said Max Wedge not Max Weinstein!

She's real fine, my 409!
My 4 speed,dual quad, positraction 409 to be specific!

T/A Challenger 


OOH OOH a B5 Blue 70 Road Runner

It's a Yella 71 Road Runner 340

Yeah a Big Block - what else would it be?


It might be clear it's got a very heavy offset to MOPARS

383 Dart Sport

More than cars to see here so take the time to take it all in!

A Lavender Gremlin!