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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


 As a new year rolls in lets take a look of cars from 1915, big difference in 100 years huh?
Sneak peek Alternate Fuel cars!
Woman still could not vote!
The World War was just a baby (WWII to you neebies)
Henry Ford's River Rouge plant turns out the 1  millionith car!
Woodrow Wilson is president and no relation to Wilson on Tool Time!
The first stop sign shows up in Detroit and to the delight of all!
Frank Sinatra is born and plans started for the Frank Sinatra edition 
Ok maybe not for a few years.
August Fruehaf builds his first trailer!
And kept going!
Average income $1,076.00 a year
Average home $4,800.00
Average new car $500.00
Gas 8 cents a gallon
First Class stamp 2 cents
1915 White Town car
1915 Hispano Suiza 
1915 Stanley steam powered wagon
1915 Bailey electric car
 1915 Autocar Truck
1915 Woods Dual Power, it was a Hybrid produced 100 years ago and it was gasoline-electric! 
1915 Atlantic 5 ton Electric truck
A 1915 Ford roaring past a Tesla in front of the original Ford assembly plant in Detroit
1915 Harley Davidson babycup racer - tires look edible!
1915 Mercedes Benz
1915 Cadillac
1915 Dodge
1915 Indy Mercedes 

Now lets look at 1965!
President is Lyndon B. Johnson 
Average new home $21,500.00
Average income $5943.00
Average car prices $2700.00
Gallon of gas 31 cents
First class stamp 5 cents

50 years ago and a lack of any alternate fuel vehicles put us in motion for the upcoming fuel crisis scam!
Always a mystery to me is why the Mustang is so revered as something new, 1965 Plymouth had a nimble Barracuda available with some perky V8's 
The Barracuda was cool, really! Gotta love the dude in the tie holding a surf board, LOL!

The GTO was the first muscle car a year earlier- big engine/little car combo!
 1965 model
1965 Peugeot Diesel concept
1965 Turbo Titan III 
1965 Chevrolet sidewinder military concept
Ford puts a new 1965 Mustang on the Empire State Building!
WHY? I heard the guy dropped the keys on to 34th Street! 
1965 Saab Sonett III prototype
1965 Yenko Corvair Stinger and it did pack a sting!
1965 Sunbeam Tiger - British car Ford 289 V8, very fast and oddly enough there was a Chrysler Pentastar on the lower right fender, you ask why? Sunbeam fell under a Chrysler Umbrella that included the Rootes Group which also included Hilman cars. 
  1965 Indy Lotus
1965 Amphicar
1965 Corvette Manta Ray concept, could this be the upcoming Stingray?
1965 Dodge Charger II show car, maybe this became the 66 Charger?
1965 AMC Vixen concept- can you see the Hornet in here?
1965 Pontiac Banshee concept, 68 Corvetteish?

Hey you can google 1965 cars all day long, but I wanted to show some odd ones!

For some reason I recalled Y2K hysteria of 15 years ago  
 All computer controlled cars were going to stop dead in their tracks after midnight! Think about this for a minute, the car with a computer would suddenly think it is 1900 and it was not invented yet?
So just like Marty McFly's who's siblings are disappearing in the Back to the Future trilogy
Oh no the parents never got together  and they are gone!
You are next Marty and your car won't start, pretty high drama,but mostly funny!

 Happy 2000! And a big thud, life kept moving normally!

 Admit it some of you bought this book, come on be honest!
I do admit I paid all my pending bills earlier just in case computer glitches did happen!
 Then the big bubble buster it actually was one more year away! 
 Obviously we made it past that too!

There is that trophy!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


It's that time of year again!

 YES Reindeer actually are real!
OK kids I fixed it, Have A Merry Christmas!

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