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Sunday, December 14, 2014


Old Car City in White Georgia is hard to explain or figure out. About 35 acres with 4000+ derelict old cars starting back in the 40's? Although mostly complete many engines are missing, but certainly not parted out?
 I sign a waiver and I am told "you may not see it all in one day", most people stay 2-3 days and come back, hey I am the CARHUNTER man I CAN do it? MAYBE? 


 Talk about a big "truck"?
Goliath Mustang
 It ain't a really plane, although it plays one on TV!
 I'll be here all week, try the veal!

It all starts kinda artsy on a small scale

Like many other old salvage yards lost in time.
 My journey into the twilight zone begins
As I ventured into the front lines I started to think "gotta be some critters in here?" Crazy enough I never saw one after walking for hours!
Half way down the first aisle I realize there are very big spiders who have spun webs across the paths and find a large curved branch to hold in front of me and build a rhythm so everything will drop out of my way as I proceed. 

 At this point I am thinking "I GOT THIS" no big deal and laughed off the warnings!

 I think they meant Christine's cousin?

Field of Engines, if you build it they will come!

There were many muscle car candidates as well as some rare cars,Trans Am's, Super Bee's and Roadrunners never to be saved!

 I was still hunting for a Challenger at this point and there were many here that broke my heart

 Looks like it's been here awhile?

 Yeah it was a Cale Yarborough Cyclone Spoiler
After a few hours this is how it started to look, a little fuzzy!

 Old joke, must have been a slow cashier?

 It's the OIL CAN VAN!

 Red tape holding up bridge, think about it for a few seconds!
 Felt safe because the PO LEASE was here!

 A line of transmissions leading up the budget motel
Yup there is a mobile home with a porch in there!
 This was deep into the jungle and I started to realize I am starting to get beat down at this point!
Cap City, they actually have it as an almost organized mess!

mercury Comet GT under there some place

Was this Grabber Blue?

 I was doing real well as I remembered where I already walked noting the cars I have seen before and still laughing it off, piece of cake!
 At one point I get the sense most wimps turned back, but The CARHUNTER is on a mission!
 In the middle of no where miles in buildings and sheds start popping up and based on the overgrown foliage I am in uncharted territory at times

Stayed tuned my loyal readers it gets worse, at one point I was lost and left a voice mail for a friend to call the Georgia State Patrol to tell them I was lost in the woods!!
Plenty more to come!

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