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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I had been shooting and missing a car museum up in the Pennsylvania Mountains for years!
The fog finally lifted and I learned they finally had made a much bigger effort to display a life long collection at the family's air museum 
I am going to let you look into this great place to visit on your own, I will move to the cars!
A little unclear, but it appears George (Merritt?) Jenkins, the president of Merritt Capitol Corp. listed as a private investment vehicle is responsible for the air, auto and downtown historic museums amongst many other holdings and investments!  
It is a little hard to find!
Not too hard that car folk and bikers did not find it the day I was there!
It is a very cool garage with some precious things inside

Model builders remember this one!

AND this one!

Altered wheelbase cars evolved into funny cars-

because they looked funny

Look at teh walls,floors and stanchions for some very near stuff
In 1957 GMC did not build a 4 wheel drive nor crew cab
Napco converted them to 4wd and look carefully that is converted cab 3 door, not 4! 

Gasser on real nice transported- both Chevrolet

Crazy view at the engine!

Another Napco Converted 4wd GMC

They are real fine, my 409's

Ok a 348 or 2 tossed in and this one has 12,000 miles!

Yes a fuel injected 1957 Sedan

The engine was originally in this rod!
4 valves per cylinder and 2 camshafts per cylinder head conversion for dirt track cars

Upstairs and you get an Eagles eye view!

1st you are surprised with a Woody Collection 

This is not a recreation and actually was a local well know wrench turner and it's all preserved in the museum 

Oh my an actual barn find with some actual value, some folks got to understand a Ford Taurus garage find is of no interest! 

Yes read it again less than 10,000 mile 70 Z28

Did you know the Nomad name was around in 1961?

Class of '69 would floor any real car guy, read em and weep!

Yes a Yenko

Yes SS/RS L89 

Yes 14,000 miles

Yes 42,000 miles

Read the sign I can't say it!
Yes 32,000 miles

Read it pal!! 700 Mile L79

They got planes too!

This plane was used in Howard Hughes' movie Hell's Angels