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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


 Lets keep going with part 2 of the "NATIONALS"

Unusual and tasty Rambler

Another feast for eyes, the more you look the more you see!

Got to appreciate old school
A nice retro machine
The interior is impressive and glad it is a convertible so you can see it!
Yes it is a Mercedes Grille shell

Who does not enjoy a nice Woody?

Love a coordinated rod

That is a lotta motor!
Interesting Nova
Twin Turbo


Nice Riviera right into the trunk

A very nice custom Vette!

Yes a nicely chopped roof

I was hoping it was not a real original HEMI car


Nose bleed central to ground control!

Max Wedge 1

 Max Wedge 2
 Max Wedge 3


 Nice show, some cool cars, Nationals? A nice diversion for a cold late fall weekend and season ender!

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