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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


If you are a car person you have heard of the Woodward Dream Cruise.
As in any large event your first time is often confusing and we started by an early morning full length cruise to "scope" it out!

 Cool custom Packard

The cruise goes through I believe 9 miles and 7 participating townships of Detroit Suburbs and the Northern terminus is Pontiac. An 18 mile round trip and some of it passes through nothing as mentioned some townships did not join in. 

 Notice anything?

We take a gamble and find a parking spot off the strip and plant some chairs after walking a little distance in each direction 

El Presidente - OK it's an Excaliber 

 Rear V8 Flathead Stout

Once you settle in you just need to roll the dice and be vigilant that you spot something of interest spring up and lucky enough to get a shot!

 Hey they did not make a Pontiac El Camino? 
 The Milk Maid is ready for the next delivery for this Divco

And we are off! Well land locked 

Hey they never made a T/A convertible
 Your choice what I was trying to get a shot of?

 A NEW Camaro playing Trans Am, that is what was seen earlier while cruising

 Covered Wagon?
 Kinda slipped by unnoticed and it was really interesting Toyota Celica turned 2 seater
The way this is done it was impossible to get close ups and talk to the owners  
 Packard, but obviously a fiberglass body on modern chassis

 Old restored bus was really nice as I saw it for 30 seconds!

 The Rabbit is chasing the carrot  


 Not Low enough

 Saw it once and would have loved to see it up close
 No words

 This was an actual one off AMC Hornet factory concept pick up and I was sure it was attending the AMC national meet that weekend - to my shock was not there!
The AMC meet will be next weeks blog 

 What it is? I missed the rear shot showing a big V8

 Was this a rare Porsche 944 Carrera GT?

OH YES it is the BATMAN on bicycle! BATCYCLE was too easy, he did ring the bell for us!

There were manufacturer display areas by Ford and Chevrolet, many club display areas, you see almost none of them here as they were nothing more a single drive by with my crew! 
Yes many, many cool cars to see almost impossible to cruise with some quick stops (no place to stop) 100% impossible to pick a central point and venture out on foot with the ever moving traffic flow- well kinda moving! You just can not walk 20 miles can you?
So what do you think enjoyable event or hassle?
Well they had to pay for the nice sign right?
I guess we lucked out with a legal parking space just off Woodward in an unknown township!!
I think a small rented scooter would be best way to cover this event?
 Grab your camera and jump on!

 Long Arms?

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