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Sunday, March 2, 2014


You might know the Kruse name from the pre-Barrett Jackson auction days. The auction is still in Auburn Indiana, but not run by Kruse. On the other side of the interstate there are several buildings that make up the remaining empire of  the Kruse Foundation. Within the complex there are the Automotive and Carriage museums, the Early Ford V8 museum and club,a stillborn Andy Granatelli museum (built,but slated for Indianapolis location now), a Monster Truck museum and Military Museum. In the automotive museum the Carriage collection is staggering, also a Carl Casper display devoted to this racer and car customizing king. A race car collection and movie car collection also within. I forgot a BINGO hall too!

GM Futureliner, look for a blog on these buses!

Th original BIGFOOT that started that whole craze!

Actual Buffalo Bill wagon
Got a kick out of this one there were sensors and the dog barked at you when you walked around it so I walked around it few times! 

 Elvis Limo
Race cars!
 If you don't know who Carl Casper is you should!
 He built some of the craziest customs and the paint jobs were unreal!
 Can we talk full customs here?
He also was a drag racer.

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