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Monday, October 2, 2017


This weekend long show continues to get better every year with no worries that a long establish show happens the same weekend 20 mins away! 
The ballroom of the Sheraton always has some special displays and celebrities! 
I think the hot rod Beverley Hill Billy truck was only in a few episodes
Just gonna let the photos speak for themselves 

Bob Hopes Golf Cart

Bing Crosby was his co-star



I have been letting you look at the photos, but I had to jump in here. This body is all wood and homemade!

Look carefully it's a 429 Boss 

An unreal VW

mid-ship Oldsmobile V8


You need some fancy hubcaps, we got em!
It is hard to believe that custom replacement wheels were not always around!
 Although I never seen them in person Krazee Hubs were all the fad at one time! 

You know I am dying to repaint a few dog dishes with the happy face now!

 You are on a budget or just want to spiff up your simple caps, a little pant goes a long way!

 A simple way to get the custom look

The old Dodge Lancer wheel covers were a popular one
More to the point Roulette "wheel" than the Lancer
Bets up!

 The ole' favorite Naked Lady wheel cover, ahooga! 
Salt flat discs could not be simpler
Sometimes a factory wheel cover might look just right on a Kustom
 The 57 Caddy wheel cover is the most popular and copied wheel cover and they even made a wheel to mimic it today!
Aftermarket copy
Imagine a wheel to copy a 1957 Cadillac Wheel cover!
And then the chrome reverse showed up!! LOL!
We have come a long way baby!

 Based on a 1952, Packard Saga Concept car

A retractable hardtop that never made the assembly line!
The car was created because of an article in Saga Magazine April 1952
For Men of Action!

 The trunk is said to be a hood facing backwards
The cars does exist today and recently went through the auction block

An icon, a household name passed this week
Once you are on the Simpsons there can be no more encores!
The 1st PLAYBOY magazine
Many famous and soon to be famous people adorned its pages
Hugh Hefner had a close friend who's mother worked at the defunct Playboy Motor Cars and she suggested the name PLAYBOY for the magazine in 1953, in fact 63 years ago today as this blog is posted!
Playboy Motor Cars???

The Jordan Motor Car company of Cleveland Ohio (another hot spot of car manufacturing at one time) owned by Edward S Jordan introduced the Playboy in 1919 and it ran through the end of the companies existence about 10 years total.
No connection with Hef at all!
Now the CARHUNTER will explain why Hugh Hefner is shown here and connection with cars?
1949 1 year of production and just under 100 cars in Buffalo NY which was another mecca of car builders at one time!
Great link to article about the original factory
A small car goes into production

Only one wagon was built

 Besides not ever hearing of the Playboy cars I will venture to say that not many know that Playboy Magazine was named after a car?
Although I could not find a photo the PLAYBOY name cast into part of the engine is the exact font of the magazine cover used since day one!


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