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Sunday, September 15, 2013


The Dayton Concours was held at Carillon Park which has many historic displays in a village setting including a small car collection set as an old dealership with links to Dayton! They also have a reproduction of the Wright brothers bicycle shop, the show was opened with a flying replica of the Wright "B". I have never had so much problems taking photos so I may have to print up handouts, IF SOMEONE IS STANDING IN FRONT OF CAR HOLDING A CAMERA UP THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE A PHOTO! So I wait while a person has their moment with the car, then some strange things happen- A- the viewer actually stands by the car aimlessly looking around and will not move, 2- If you are standing by a 1936 Packard and now you turn to your buddy and tell him about your 76 Chevy Van 10 that you put a wood steering wheel on you probably are done with the Packard although standing in front of it telling the story of the steering wheel for 15 mins seems to be very important, again is someone standing there with a camera-LOOK AROUND? C- You finally move and here we go and you step back into the frame as you almost started to walk away- PAY ATTENTION! The event had a great selection of Ferraris, Aston Martins and unlike most other Concours D'Elegance there were many rather pedestrian cars actually in the Elegance, like a very nice clean Chevelle 307 2bbl with a cowl induction hood and a Lemans with a 350, GTO hood and billet rallye wheels, both very nice, but not in the Elegance.
PLEASE GO TO THE BLOG AS THIS MAY BE PUBLISHED THE SAME TIME AS THE OTHER ONE I JUST PUBLISHED!! I just jumped my schedule and attended America's Packard museum minutes away, originally planned for noon Monday. made a few command decisions and put most of Tuesday on the plan for Monday now, the Kokomo Auto Museum is not open Monday so iI will hit it Tuesday am and now make it to the Chevrolet Hall of Fame in Decatur and back on schedule for Weds.!! This museum is in an old packard dealership which has pretty much survived since it closed in 1940! Not only are there a ton great packards, but a lot other items and again only a brief teaser until it finds it flickr set one day. Stay tuned!

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