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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I started to move all this stuff around as I was able to do most of the Monday day 4 stuff on day 3!! If one place was open on Monday could have finished it all today, but able to put something back in for Tuesday and get to the hotel earlier now . I was going to stop here on my last day, but slid it in today. Wayne county Indiana Historical museum was really nice and had something for everyone from a mummy to a one room school house and why I went here, a small car collection! Richmond Indiana had quite an industrial background including many auto builders.
A big thumbs up to a museum that had something for everyone, cars, a mummy, an airplane built in Richmond of course and items from all of the world brought back by the museums founder, a recreation of main street in the basement. People look at me funny when I say shut the flash off, as an amatuer photographer I have learned that using the flash is only effective for items less than a few feet from the camera. I took the first photo with the flash and its useless, the second photo I shut the flash off, auto focus cameras read the light and keep the shutter open longer which lets more light in so you need to stand very still or use a tripod because if the camera moves it will be blurry- see the difference photo 2 no flash!!

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