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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


OWLS HEAD is truly a Transportation museum being located in a small airport!
Maine is Lobster country so why not a Lobster Trap car?
 Just to remind my followers to avoid confusion that I had started to do these little road trips about 2 years before I came up with Blog idea so it would explain the vehicles at the shows certainly may not be the ones seen at this years show! 
 There are quite a few vehicle shows here and they change up the themes, this one is a vintage truck show, I will show the museum vehicles inside next week.  
 Yes you can see a bunch of Model A's, but have you seen ones like this at a show?

 Oh sure you have a seen a Concord before!

A Sterling

Old trucks just have their own flair and class!

A Diamond T
Look at the size difference in an over the road truck back in the day!

 Gotta love this, ah, it is a? Oh heck it is pretty cool!


 Mini Mack 1

 Mini Mack 2
 Save him!

A Hendrickson

An Oshkosh b'gosh!

Another Sterling - A name that returned to the truck world

Sterling Big Trucks
 Oddly enough Sterling Bullet HD Pick Up line are ReBadged Dodge Trucks   

 I do not think many Stepside J10's are floating around?

 A very cool Mercury truck as they were sold in Canada 

A Reo= Ransom E. Olds (yup Mr. Oldsmobile lost his company to GM and started Reo)

A Signal
A Chase
A Buick truck
An Autocar, ironically later only built trucks!

Yes vintage planes were part of this show, as usual I had to run and cover another nearby show so could not stay for the air show!

Stay tuned next week will be the actual museum collection

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