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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I was heading up to New England and as usual scanned the internet for other diversions
Founders Day in Paris Maine?
A collection open to the public?
I drove all the way here for that little garage and 2 cars?

Ok much better as they open the gate a big garage 
Robert Bahre is the owner and he does charge $10 which is donated to the Hamlin Memorial Library and Museum which started life as the Paris Jail and happens to be next door to Mr. Bahre's home!
The man with his wife Sandy 
He was milking cows on his parents farm as a kid, later welding trailers for other farmers. His fortune was in real estate and owned (some sold now) quite a few exquisite estates! 
Bahre and his son built the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, sold it in the 90's

A private little museum

This is not your ordinary collection, but very unique!

Then I get to edge of the hill  and see this mega two story garage!  

A very unique Brewster Body Buick with the trademark heart shaped grille, Brewster factory is right in Queens Plaza NY today the Jet Blue building!

After my love of MOPARS the CARHUNTER is a big fan of Packard's, especially unusual and seldom seen body styles. 

I have lost count,but have seen many Tuckers in my travels

A restored Baby Carriage?

Oh what a Delahaye this is, a work of art!

a lil' bit o everything

Yes we have some Packard's!

Although the signature grille shape and red emblems are missing this is a prototype Packard with front wheel drive!

I want this one!

A crazy row of Packard's

And I want this one!

Now that is a good looking Green!

It is just unreal to amongst millions of dollars and beautiful cars 

Packard's to left of me, Packard's to the right, CARHUNTER's  stuck in the middle with drool! Ha!

Duesenberg racer,rare!
TAXI! Please!

Go ahead find another dual cowl 1942 Caddy, I am waiting!!

Oops the Delahaye showed up again because I kept going back over to see it! 
A few local car folks showed up to add to the days activities!

I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Bahre to letting the world to enjoy their treasures!
 I had to show the mega lakefront estate
 A fire station donated to the fire company
 The Family Casino recently sold to Churchill downs
Pretty impressive achievements!

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