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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


This Hudson museum has been sticking it's tongue at at me for about 3 years now!
First I never knew about it and then every time I rolled through Northern Indiana they were closed, Sunday and Monday
The actual name is the Hostetler's Hudson Auto Museum,Eldon Hostetler was an Amish farm boy and soon knew he was not going remain in that lifestyle and made his fortune with automated watering equipment systems for farm animals. There is book about him out there!
 The Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit Michigan was around from 1909 to 1954 at which time it merged with Nash to form American Motors Corporation AMC which flowed in AMC/Jeep. Touched cheeks with Renault and then AMC was dropped with JEEP becoming part of Chrysler 

Eldon fell in love with Hudson cars when very young and started this fantastic collection now housed in the Shipshewana Event Center 

Shipshewana with a population of just over 600 draws over a million visitors each year to Amish country and why? The cultural activities,antique shops, family home cooking and quaint old world flavor is why. 
The car collection features many very rare and even one off vehicles all restored perfectly!

Don't think we connect some of these body styles with Hudson so I was surprised! 

For a real auto enthusiast having unlimited access to the cars from every angle is a plus 

So much to see just on this one car

Now think how much work goes into turned something like into a masterpiece above?

I am partial to parade cars although this one home built

Twin H power dominated NASCAR

Production pick up trucks

Built from a sedan into a truck

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  1. Absolutely outstanding amc cars model!! I liked red ones the most. My grandfather had a red model. It reminds me of my childhood when my grandfather used to drive this. All those memories flashed in front of my eyes.