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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It has been almost two years since I was last at the National Corvette Museum besides the obvious new model deliveries up front they have added and rotated displays 

Obviously not one of the original Gran Sports but fantastic inspired hand built marvel!

After running the show circuit Dick Coup donated it to the NCM  
The only Corvette Arkus Zora Duntov ever owned below, the father of the Corvette?

Two of my favorites narrowly missed a fate worse than hell,well on the way down to it!

There was no 1983 Corvette or was there??????
CARHUNTER needed to visit the famous sinkhole I suggest back tracking on the blog because a CARHUNTER blog explained the terrible days events including a security live cam and the cars dropping in! Search up above "CORVETTES" or just go to February 15th 2014 blog
I am not a real big Corvette fanatic,but it is emotional when you see it in person and has become a real boost for museum visitations 

They have been dubbed the "great 8" taken from the Detroit Autorama hunt for the Riddler Trophy 
The sight of the remaining 6 cars is moving to say the least.
Two of them are being restored and the remaining cars will eventually be permanent exhibits

Remember the idiotic statements of them being toy cars and all fake? CARHUNTER confirms no conspiracy here for sure, just destroyed Corvettes that I actually saw before they fell in about a year before!  

Love the personalized bricks outside!
I was met with a truck load of new Vettes heading out of the assembly plant as I headed out. 
Bowling Green is the home of the Corvette!

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