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Monday, August 4, 2014


 Many more trucks!

 A slant six before its time 

 Keep it in the MOPAR family

 There are tires in there somewhere?
 Rod and Minirod

 Simple clean Buick


 Poly want two 4 barrels?
A giant photo got lost in here and I can not delete it, enjoy-LOL!

 As my friends know I am a big fan of snazzy go slow 70's cars with all the stripes and glitter

 I will now feature as many car woners that make the effort to show their car and then conduct social gatherings in front of it 
 So there I walked back later and got it- yes it did have a Hemi once I could see it

It really is not a 57 Chevy
 Seen this one up in Rhinebeck, very nice!
 look this one over and count how many different cars were used 

 There is actually a late 80's Buick in there someplace

 What is it? 

 For reference a 1948 stock Dodge

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