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Monday, June 2, 2014


Our third and final stop was here!

 Don't get nervous this was the bone yard/parts cars

 Ok Mopar Fans - a Dual Ghia Hemi powered beauty! 
 The Rat Pack loved these cars back in the day

 If ya gotta have 2 427 67 Vettes, one should be a convertible!

 To further confuse those who can not tell Orange from Red?
The color is Rallye Red, but it is clear (to most of us) this is orange

 Pontiac's Nomad

 Tip of the day - You see those guys at every show looking intensely to find that 2 digit #,  tail lamps on stepside trucks are rather universal and are usually parts store parts like Signal Stat and fit many applications, DON'T LOOK FOR A DATE ON THE LENSES! 
Remember I asked if you had a Woody?
Charlie and Marie Montano were here to greet the group and had a table of refreshments and bags of flavored popcorn. Marie was into the cars as much as Charlie and knew everything about every one of them, nice!  
 The Montanos have, I believe the largest collection of Woodies 
 Forget about those minivans and station wagons with self adhesive wood grain and vinyl wood look moldings because this is real tongue and groove wood!

 If you have a bunch of Woodies, what do you need? More Woodies! 

 Just in case you thought the wood was just placed over steel panels 
Think again!

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