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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


If you have seen vintage aircraft at airshows you have probably have experienced what the Colling Foundation is all about.
Without getting technical Bob Collings made his fortune in Data Terminals in the 70's, Microprocessor Chips that changed cash registers,store inventories and accounting for ever.
The Collings Foundation preserves transportation air and land! 

You wind your way into tiny tight roads of Stow Massachusetts through many nice homes and all of a sudden there is a clearing and open grass field 
First you see a barn and carriage house
A fine collection of some of the most beautiful classic cars that really is not open to the public, but ready to be seen at a moments notice!

Very nice Packard!
Studebaker style 

I am directed to this little round building
Which seems to be hiding some secrets?

You enter the second floor of a hi-tech modern hanger 

The second floor has a fine collection of race cars

Third floor huh? More vintage race cars 

Down to the hangar floor we find vintage military vehicles from all around the world

I kept spotting more hidden nooks and crannies with vehicles all over!
I had planned on staying for the fly in of some vintage bombers on the grass runway, but as you will see in future blogs I attended 2 car shows after this.
The Collings foundation has 2 open houses every year and recommend attending at least once!
I understand the foundation has acquired a large collection of military tanks  and will be moving them to Stow soon 


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