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Monday, May 12, 2014


I have attempted a visit to the Hot Rod Farm in Montville NJ for 3 years now and finally got out of work early enough to make it out there!, It is the home of Radir Wheels (as on the original 66 Batmobile, a detail often missed on Batmobile replicas even though still available)

Dead Man's Curve Spring Fling was promoted as a giant event drawing 1000 cars.
 It really is a farm
 Old crop vintage early Hemi's

 Was a VW once
 It appears they planted a bunch of straight axles last season! 
 Steering wheel was put on wrong side!
 Chopped roof English Cortina

 Say it! GASSER!

 Go ahead start counting the Radir wheels

Streeeeet Rooooods

Mopars or no Cars

 Roll of the dice ebay buy 17,000 mile 440 Dodge wagon

 Mr Norms Hemi GSS 
 To clarify a very small run built for the 40th anniversary 
Hand picked 1968 Darts built in 2008 using modern techniques, but 1968 themes
 Clean 71 4spd 340 Challenger 
 528 Hemi

 Old Skool paint and Keystone mags on this 71 Cuda
 Low production 71  GTX, the last year a stand alone GTX - starting in 1972 Roadrunner shared the GTX name with an HP 440 and shared the Roadrunner name until 74 then no more GTX
 What does GTX mean, nothing they stuck an X after GT just to join the club with the Pontiac GTO
 Nice SE 72 Charger 4spd
Do you like 1960 Caddy's?
 For reference 
Recipe- cut 25" out of the center and put it back together 
 Original chassis and engine under that tunnel ram
 Like the guy said "nice to have a sawzall around"

 Big Dog, he was so big I was scared to pet him!

 I have no comment except original
A car can only be original once, but an original for ever.
 409 4SPD

 A LiL' bit of everything

In spite of rain forecasts a very impressive turn out! 

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