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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ok now we is rolling and on time the August 2013 update is out. You will see, over time photos from my August 2012 trip to Motor City and all the history lessons we learned.One of the few trips where I actually convinced some friends to break away for most of it. The first stop was Ye Ole Carriage Shoppe in Ann Arbor MI. The collection is the private passion of Mr. and Mrs. Ganton and they graciously opened the doors for 5 of us, but before we entered were stopped at the door and Mr. Ganton enlightened us about the fact that the Automotive pioneers were the ones that built this country and he was so right about that! Over the next week we visited the birth of the modern world as we know it. These captains of industry were arrogant and never quit, Henry Fords 1st 2 companies failed and we know how that turned out! We have forgotten what the automotive industry was and what it stood for, it annoys me that we now view the automobile as a problem, too many of them, not enough bike lanes, blah blah! Maybe we need the ghosts of auto past, present and future to stop by and see what the world would be like without the invention of the automobile. Cash for clunkers? Has anyone thought of how many people make a living repairing and selling parts for older model cars and the fact that some people really cannot afford a new car with or without the spiffs and incentives. Some countries do not have the luxury to crush a perfectly usable car , maybe a struggling family would have appreciated a donation of an older usable car to possibly expand employment horizons? Nope we destroy them! Enjoy the Ganton's collection which included pedal cars, signs, soda collectibles including one of 3 Coca Cola museums and Mrs. Ganton's recreation of a 1950's kitchen!! The collection highlights cars built in Jackson Michigan, some were names Jaxson's!

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