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Monday, February 6, 2017


For 2016 the Goodguys Street Rod Northeast Nationals returns to Rhinebeck NY after a few years up in Springfield Mass. I was there Friday and a good portion of Saturday so you guessed it I have tons of photos. It has been said there are just too many photos, but I post them all so they appeal to a wide variety of readers. I rather you pick and choose instead of doing that for you.  
CARHUNTER will be published Tuesday and Thursday for the next 2 weeks to get the entire coverage out from Rhinebeck, enjoy!  
Let's start with a Studebaker truck


Yes that is a motorcycle fuel tank on the hood!


It's Elvira the Packard!

Meet the new driver!

But here come's the Judge!


 Look carefully a 3 window Mustang Coupe!!

Yes V10 viper powered

It is the REAL deal and sounded awesome!

Keep walking Chevy boy!

So what is it?

 There is a right way and a wrong way to put a Camaro nose on a pickup truck!
Yeah it is photo shopped, but we needed a savoir!
A big CARHUNTER thumbs down to
This FREE digital channel was very promising as an alternative to cable drama car TV and a big bill also.
It featured many older programs which was fine along with some new content, it started to get very repetitive and if you had it on out in the shop all day you noticed the same exact program was shown 6 times in the same day!
In many of the market cities the channel would come and go either loosing picture, sound or even just gone!
In the NYC market the channel has been gone for 4+ months now although the website still promotes the network and the NYC channel!
They refuse to address the issue at this point and ignore any questions, in the past they said technical difficulties!
REV'N TV please stop insulting your supporters and be honest!  

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