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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I have been feeling awful about putting this blog off for years and must have apologized to Joe about 8 times! I think it worked out great because I often have thought if it's ok to post all the photos from a museum which may keep people from visiting on their own since they just saw it all?
This blog works because the museum rotates exhibits and that includes privately owned short term on loan cars, Joe tells me as of today 50% of the displays have changed since I was there so now you have no excuse you got to visit the museum!!
In contrast I have been to museums that appear to not have changed in 30+ years including signage stained by time and dingy bulbs, certainly the Northeast Classic Car Museum can set an example for them!  
I think this museum is one of the best in the country if not the best in this region. The museum is extremely well presented and managed and by some crazy stroke of luck I wound up there again this week and on a second visit is still almost overwhelming!
The blog may be slightly disorganized because I have infused some photos from this visit with this recent and  one from 4 years ago just to confuse you, and me!
Remember all these are cars built in New York

They have a museum as well no not "near a car" as some people think, but the gentleman's name was  Carl Neracher
This one found it's way home over the last years so look for a follow up blog!
In fact it should be next weeks blog as I bumped into it this week. 


There is a very impressive array of Packard's 


The Marmon you are looking at was a victim of an intentional fire and it is an amazing restoration! 

It is a Packard, but note the Lower grille, known as the Shovel Grille

 This next section of the museum is impressive because every car in there is a Franklin, built in Syracuse NY and not one car has a radiator in it!
Franklin's are air cooled cars and despite the common thought that the Tucker had a Helicopter Engine it is fact that the Tucker used a Franklin air cooled converted to water cooling.
Tucker bought the engine company and cancelled the government contract for the engines usage in the copters so it never was in a whirlybird!
Yes Franklin Air Cooled did produce many aircraft engines and Tucker owned it until 1961 it was known and Aircooled Motors at this point it then was owned by Aero Industries using the Franklin name again. In 1975 the Polish Government purchased it and is still going strong as PZL, but I also found a company in Colorado names Franklin Aircraft Engines so I am going to pull back here before we go into another blog! 
When you look at early Franklins they look like a simple car that was air cooled, but the body style choices were so numerous that surpassed that odd look and not only were mainstream they also were quite stylish!   


Known as the Renault nose

Later replaced by the horse collar nose and customers squawked enough that Franklin would upgrade the previous cars for customers

Yes this grand Dual Cowl Phaeton was air cooled

Yes air cooled and mid engine!

 Very nice Franklin Suburban
 That is a V12 and yes still air cooled 

Behind that grille is the air intake


If memory is correct there was an exhibit of cars mentioned in songs
My Little Deuce Coupe 

The V12 is back

This Packard is unreal a sport coupe with a rumble seat and a trunk!



Yes it says fuel injection and 4 speed hydromatic! 

The fender port holes were engine designated by amount, but all too confusing to sort out quickly

A real sleeper mundane looking 406 dual 4bbl car!


Another all original 

Read the sign low mile original

The Turnpike Cruiser had a bunch of "stuff" happening 

 This current display has muscle cars staring down Police cars or is it the other way around?

License and registration m'am
This hottie is gonna need a Judge so a good start that she is driving one of em!
This 66 Fury I was donated to the AACA museum in memory of my good friend the late DEA agent Ross Kindestin  

This display is in tribute to things once manufactured in these buildings over the years 
The motorcycle display was kind of hijacked for next weeks blog!

 Vehicles are being donated to the museum almost on a monthly basis as this old work horse originally from this area of NY, the restoration as completed after the owners death and his widow returned it to the area and donated it to the museum
The museum is one that is worth the trip to visit so maybe encourage a club road trip, but not in the winter!!
If you travel to the Syracuse Nationals from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Northeast why not divert over to the Northeast Classic Car Museum they are open 7 days a week!

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