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Monday, February 15, 2016


I am about to hit the road again so I jumped into the archives and pulled out a good one!
The Sarasota auto museum is the second oldest continually operating museum in the country and they have been in a fight for their life. The university New College could care less about the history and wants to level it and build maintenance facilities.
It has been here so long Fred Flintstone left his car in the parking lot! 
It is old and outdated, but unlike other museums of that fate the collection is still very much an important part of automotive history!  

There is also a collector car dealership within the same building.

Some of the cars were headed for the Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance 

It is an unrestored Schacht or is it?
Built in Cincinnati Ohio 1904-1913 

The passenger side of the car is actually restored!

Yes fuel injected


Katharine Hepburn's Crown Vic, I get a kick out of cars like this when they are mundane transportation of a star in their final years! No she did not drive it!
They say 2 Mercedes Benz owned by John Lennon and 2 Rolls Royce owned by John Ringling, but I think I missed them? The Ringling Bros Art Museum is across the street.

173 MPG back to that that again!

Big Daddy!

Love cars like this!

Yes 351 Cleveland Ford powered

Another 351 Ford and Corvette power plants

I tried,but when the car is in the window besides not being able to photograph it in person you can't see the details with the sun shining in! 

Ah yes one of my Bayliff Packard's not a real Packard 

Where do I start on this car? I was thinking of buying it, but without any documentation what is it really?

I became a little obsessed with it and did an entire blog only proving 3 bodies were made and only 2 were assembled! Still to this day no one knows who made the bodies!!
I get a message from Geoff Hacker of Forgotten Fiberglass that he enjoyed my blog and owns the car now!! After I told him he stole my car, I told him I was happy he wound up with because he is the Fiberglass car King! 

I love these tonneau top T Birds 

Never know what you may spot on the road!

Just like this dude the CARHUNTER is on the road again so the blog is out a day early!

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