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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It happens about 4 times a year and timing was perfect so we stopped into the AACA Museum Hershey Pa. for the newest recently opened exhibit It's a Small World, micro and mini cars.
Hey a Packard Camper meets you outside!
Wicker seats!

Peel back roof

Subaru has come a long way!

A Woody Chevette

Another Electric City car!

Part of the Holiday Exhibit
I remember seeing the premiere of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Radio City Music hall and dad bought me the Corgi replica in the lobby!

Holy Christmas tree ornament gone mad! 
Built on a Ford Ranger pickup chassis it is a 4 1/2 times original size fully functional street legal driver! 

Based on an old children's Pedal car 
Immortalized as a Christmas tree ornament and brought to a highway near you!

They do remove that giant steering wheel and put on a realistic usable one for jaunts!
I do want to mention these little updates only reflect the rotating exhibits that come and go in the AACA Museum the other displays which do rotate in and out of the rest of the museum are also on display including a BUS museum in the basement.  
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  1. Fiat Jolly with wicker seats nuts.

  2. As a kid, I had a Subaru 360 to play in. Mid '70's. IIRC it had a cooked engine.