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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I had read something about a Studebaker collection in Pennsylvania and the Shrock Brothers were more than happy to welcome us in for a tour and what a tour it was!!
This was no ordinary collection and will try to separate this into categories best I can! 
The toys are 1/72 (small) Studebaker works of art
 As I was told "this did not happen overnight" it actually is 50 years of passion of brothers David and Tom Shrock!
 Left to right a hand made wood buck is made,then a 2 piece silicone mold ( a female cavity) is then filled with pewter to get a the rough cast body and then that is worked into a ready to paint and assemble replica. 
 They have dabbled in different scales and settled on 1/72
A small sample of what they produce please visit their website for more photos of these amazing little gems

 The detail is so small and just boggles the mind! 
We are moved into the full size shop and are shown restored Studebaker steering wheels

Masterpieces like new!
Reproduction running boards rubber 
Getting the idea yet? Studebaker hand made replicas and reproduction parts for full size cars!
There is some serious fabrication going on here!
We move into another room and and see the Super Turtle
 This car was hand fabricated in 1961 over a Volvo chassis and was a daily driver!!
 The body panels hand formed and gas welded together, not arc welded!
 The fit and finish is better than most production cars of that era!

 It is now being restored! 

 Since we liked this so much we were taken to another room
 It was the shop truck in it's day
 This Fiat started as a 4 door sedan like this one

 The chassis extended and pickup bed all hand fabricated!

We stood next to the this one and were shocked after looking closer!
The "Magellan" current shop truck began as a 15 passenger van, look close the rear roof is now a cap like a pick up truck and when removed  tows a fifth wheel trailer

A 1990's Chrysler turned into a 50th Anniversary Studebaker Hawk
They really captured the feel of the original!
Studebaker Military Weasel 
The old shop truck

Jaguar Kit car replica with a 60 degree V6

This 1940 President is all custom built
Called the "boat tail speedster" and is all hand made from the front fenders back
Water tight compartments include the convertible top boot and all custom trunk lid 
The rumble seat has a water tight cover that is stowed behind the front seat

Hand installed (no tools) window frames insure the soft roof is water tight and wind noise free
For reference it started much like this one below

Not often is a convertible as attractive with it's top up
Makes you wonder how many customizers with talent are relatively unknown, again compare these customs with famous names like Barris and make your own opinion?

Some vintage mobile home trailers were around the property 
Have you seen a working Studebaker dump truck lately?
David took hours out of his day to take us around the families 165 acre farm showing us creeks and ponds filled with big mouth bass
Saw some handy work of a busy Beaver's dams and downed trees!
The next three cars were carefully positioned as a little art deco display  

Then we were taken to the old Studebaker graveyard which also had a bunch of Volvo's

Hey a 1969 Barracuda 340

Nearby we spotted a Kaiser stash on the way!

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