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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Don't focus on the Bricklin, I should have edited it out. The only connection is that it is at a car show where they parked the low production sports cars together. The difference is the Bricklin went into production and this car never did. Bet you did not know Bricklin was built and designed in Canada?
Even earned a stamp up there! Yup went into full production and even a Musical was made, but the show never made it out New Brunswick Canada!
Malcolm Bricklin brought Subaru North America to us, then the financial failure of the Bricklin and then what happened Mr. Bricklin brought us the next flop- YUGO!! Did he give up, nah! He is behind the first GM produced Chinese cars into North America, seems he can not stay away from odd financial ventures? We will talk one day about GM's thank you to us by taking the Gov't backed bailout money directly to China! 2854 vehicles built and the AMC 360 was first used then they switched to the 351 Ford Windsor engine, they never offered a manual transmission after 1974 and that coupled with rather lackluster performing powerplants helped kill the car off!
It was over RIP 1974-1975 - George Byers and Sol Shenk of Consolidated Motors, an automotive liquidator from Columbus, Ohio, purchased the majority of the parts and remaining cars left on the line. These cars surfaced later, completely assembled from left-over parts, and were sold as 1976 models.1975 Bricklin SV-1 was rated by TIME in the series The 50 Worst Cars of All Time! Herb Grasse Design Works. In 1972 Herb Grasse, the designer of TV's original Batmobile, built three Bricklin styling models to interest banks and other potential investors in the gull-wing safety sports car. The eventual full prototypes one, two, and three were a collaboration by Bricklin Vehicle Corporation, Herb Grasse Design with AVC Engineering.OH YEAH ONE DAY I WILL DISCUSS THE ORIGINAL BATMOBILE AND GEORGE BARRIS!! Back to our mystery car- HINT HINT HINT, IT IS NOT A KIT CAR!

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