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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Tony got it again, everyone else sleeping?
Ok more confusion, LOL! It's not a Whippet although this is!

Does this help?
It's a DEVO energy dome! HUH?
Meet the one and only 1937 DE-VO car built.
Lets back track a little further before this.
Norman de Vaux, although you may not know his name was a key player in Buick , then linked up with William C. Durant and was Northern California's sales manager for Durant Motor cars. DeVaux owned half the Durant Factory. William C. Durant was instrumental if not the driving force of Chevrolet along with Louis Chevrolet. This is a very abbreviated history because many names played in and out of the making of General Motors including Alfred P. Sloan (Buick) and Ransom E. Olds (Oldsmobile), maybe more on these later!
De Vaux became the President of Chevrolet, but when Durant was ousted for the second time they replaced De Vaux. This of course was a very abrupt explanation of events that took place lets say 1910-1920 just to set the mood.
A Durant below and below that a Star, yes this is all over the place!

This is a story for another time.
De Vaux teamed up with Colonel Elbert Hall of Hall-Scott Motor Cars to start the DeVaux-Hall  Motor Company in 1930. Leasing space from the Hayes Body Corp. in Grand Rapids Mich. to build a car much like the Durant, it kind of was a Durant body.
Poorly received not many were built and by 1931 they were forced to sell, the engine manufacturer stepped up and the car line continued as DeVaux-Continental. It is said 1358 cars were built and maybe 60 survive today. DeVaux Continental below.
 You could not keep these guys down!
Mr. DeVaux lost his own name!! So in a last desperate move he formed The De-Vo motor car company in Hagerstown Maryland with former VP of Packard FF Becall and former Chevrolet Production manager George R. Scott who must have been part of that whole Hall-Scott motor car deal awhile back. DeVo looks like the phonetic pronunciation of DeVaux! The car was reported to be a copy of the 1934 Continental Beacon with some resurrected 1935 REO (Ransom E. Olds attempt to save his name after Oldsmobile was taken from him) Grille and radiator. So for 1937 DeVo motors claimed pre-orders all over the world for this Continental engined car. They skipped the NY Auto show,but had set up at the Waldorf Hotel instead.
Here is the one and only DeVo and although Mr. DeVaux tried to market it as a world car it never went beyond this prototype! This actual car wound up in South Africa and was recently rediscovered!! The car was assembled in Maryland by the M.P. Moller corp who built organs, but more on their automotive division later.   In 1976 the car was purchased by R.R. Hofmeyr of Boksburg South Africa and reported to have been restored, I am still looking for a photo. 
Mr DeVaux wound up at Hupp Motor Company which was known as Hupmobile.
DeVaux was instrumental in the Hupmobile Skylark of 1940 below.
I bet you thought that was the end, nah!! This Hupmobile body was actually a car designed from the Iconic Cord 810/812, Below. The true coffin nose car!
The bodies left over after production ended and almost instantly the Hupmobile Skylark and Graham (another defunct marque) Hollywood were born. To repeat these bodies were left over at the closed Cord assembly plant and 2 cars were born from them. The Graham below.

Oh yeah the Mystery car, it's been long trip and the DeVo started the journey. 
This story had way too many crossroads to hold everyones attention so we kinda only skimmed on it! 
I may have found the DeVo alive and well in South Africa!!


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