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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


It appears there is a little slow down in blog viewing and I have been having a tough time getting new ones up so I have decided to reduce the blog to once a week with some added ones in between. Some comments to me may inspire or just a weekly dedicated reading. Many "friends" have told me they have no time to read the blog and then forward me some pointless Internet dribble that takes the same time to delete that it takes to read the blog update! 

Macungie Pennsylvania has a fairgrounds that host several larger car and truck events.The state fair feeling gives you a little more to do besides looking at cars in an open field.
 Being observant while driving will always give you that cool photo!
 Hudson Pickup
 Divco Stand and Drive Milk truck
 Studebaker Pickup

 Love the Corvair ramp side trucks

 Every year this guy brings his and then ruins any chance of us enjoying it because he camps out in it!

 4 seater 2+2 Ferrari

 Never pass a Packard without taking a photo

 Kaiser Darrin, hey where did the door go?

 Willys Jeepster

 Oh I love them V12's

 Always thought this Packard grille looked sad!


 Reo= Ransom E. Olds, yes that Olds!

 Matador Barcelona

 Gran Sport wagon, look for that green painted roof

 Unrestored real 1971 Super Bee

 The ever popular Lincoln Versailles  - a fancy Ford Granada/Mercury Monarch
 OK closed minded folks, yes I think an unrestored optioned out Pinto is cool!

 Yes a Corvette is under there I will explain in a future blog

 Feature car this year was Crosley, a Friend told me he never heard of them? 

I am not sure I have seen 2 the same?

 Crosley starting making radios and the first cars were sold in appliance stores!