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Monday, May 28, 2018


If you find yourself driving on I81 in Virginia, 1st watch your speed as a 12 miles over the limit is reckless driving and holds the same weight as a DWI, then get off and checkout Duncan Import Cars in Christiansburg! 

 You will find 3, yes 3 buildings full of Japanese spec cars never brought into the USA complete with right hand drive!
Many of the cars stumped CARHUNTER and you will see why, a rare opportunity to experience another countries cars without leaving the good ole USA!
Does anyone remember how small the Civic was when we first saw it?

These two are Nissan Figaros and only 20,000 were built for sale in Japan only so they are a rare sight in the USA. 
I don't want to get into the entire history of this 1991 sporty little minx so if interested see the page on them
Made in 4 colors to represent the 4 seasons and based on the Nissan Micra
Other cars are here as well like this Auto Union

Oops that says Datsun

It is common to see Mazda and Mitsubishi tiny vans with fiberglass conversion to make the look like VW's and even Chevy and Dodge clones!

Ok calm down he also has a collection of Muscle Cars and American Classics

Plenty of big sedans that hid from us here while building little tiny cars to corner the US market

I told you to calm down!

Oh another Figaro!


Some pair an Opel GT and? 

Ok Jeepers this ain't a jeep, but a Mitsubishi built with left over Willys bodies!

I did mention there were 3 buildings, right. Entering #2!
A look back at #1

Carefully read the signage and you can ID some of these cars that stumped CARHUNTER!

Never seems to be just one of anything here!

They have a couple Honda Beats!

Some of these cars are the offshoot cars much like the Figaro 

Did I mention Nissan Figaros are rare in the USA?
Did I mention Duncan had a few?
As far as the eyes can see, a sea of Figaros

Hey a different color Figaro!

I did mention they have Figaros in stock for sale?

Hey more Figaros over here and a white one too!
Ok never mind, LOL! 

How do you pick one?
Ok grab a pink one!
Next we look at Daihatsu HiJet Fire trucks 
Tucked in behind the Figaros

Did I mention they have a few available?

CARHUNTER was getting dizzy at this point!

NOPE not Jeeps!

The next oddity in quantity was wildly decorated GOLD hearses! 

Don't worry more in the next blog!
He groups cars together and we enter the AMC area!

Did I mention they have some Nissan Figero's?
I had to stop here and split this up, there are 3 giant buildings and a ton of vehicles outside and it is overwhelming!
Next month part 2 with building #3 and the parking lot!

 One of these popped up on Craigslist
What we have is a Dune Buggy made to look like a Z28 and why?

It's Funtasik!

Yes sir just a VW air cooled in a Z28 look a like

 It could have gone bigger!
 While we stopped in the early Camaro world let's look at some styling ideas for a second generation Camaro wagon or Kamback! 

 OK this guy built his own


 This months Concept car is the Charger III

Air brake flaps in place!


 We did not get models and toys of most concept cars so this had a set of feet as it traveled!

 The Flying Dutchman always had some oddly styled bodied on the dawn of Funny Cars and he campaigned a Charger III clone and that never happened with any other concept car

 This photo taken at the famous Mr. Norms of a fiberglass body he was privileged to have access to and it rumored only a few were made and at least one was the Flying Dutchman  
 2008 someone spots this behind an old shop
Sorry this story ended in 2008 and no facts or updates materialized? 

I was looking for a custom Charger and found this one with not much info?
 Then my memory banks reminded me of something. The Thunder Alley Charger!
I like this version better!
Yes sir George Barris at it again!
Frankie was no where to be found, curious huh?

Try to find that kit now?
I have been bad and missed the follow up to my most popular blog!
I just caught up and found out the V12 Prototype "New" Packard was sold at an RM auction in 2014
 The idea was sell the rights to the name Packard with the 1 of 1 prototype to recoup the $1.5 million, the car sold all by itself for $143,000 and the best photo of all below shows it at the auction next to an actual classic Packard. Ask the man that owns the only one what he is going to do with it? 
 I did not just fall off the turnip truck and since I never heard of it before and the 1st photo looks like a modern Cadillac dealership CARHUNTER marks this as a Photoshop! It is supposed to be a 1965 Packard prototype car- nah! 

Again I must explain this copied and pasted without edit from a Craigslist ad;
"Get real you're in the Bronx high-dollar place to be living you want to drive around in a Pimp Daddy may call the sale you need to be in my 63 Chevy Impala make everybody know who you are get real be real it's all about business call me I'll bring the car straight to you 29000 don't even call me if you don't have 29,000 cash I'm a player and I got back up real this car is Mint Condition Cherry ass and you be all that I'm straight driving it from Oklahoma in the hood yep you heard me right ahead of Oklahoma you ever been there straight up show contact info
ill have A sack with me. This is a clean clean clean Chevy Impala 1963 red on red hit on the head. You DRIVE this in the Bronx and you beat the s***"