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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


We continue with the Goodguys from Nashville
Don't forget to check out part 1

No just a run of the mill Checker

It has a Desoto hind quarters and it looks like the next car in a Disney Pixar Cars movie  

Even the 4 doors are falling in place now!

The 2017 Giveaway car




Hey you think anyone is in front of me before I pull out?


And he had mags on it, I think??????

Very well done, but kind of ignored?

It's different and a Hudson!

I am partial to cruise liners like this Caddy!

Fantastic wheel treatment!

A big a*% Nissan!

Pull the Hemi out and drop in a small block Chevy?


A Black Widow!


 Lower turnout, but a bunch of nice cars!
The Historic Vehicle Association puts on maybe the oddest display of cars I have ever seen?
Rotated over a short time some custom cars were encased in giant cubes!

 Famous Hirohata Show car had a stint
It is a creation of the late George Barris
 As CARHUNTER has shown in the past cars are becoming the focus of the art world!

This was requested by Packard owners to revise the once prominent Packard grille on a mid 50's model and it was a Concept car named "The Request"
Says Packard better than below I think!